Friday, July 13, 2012

jewelry hanger

Mom came up last weekend...We needed something to do.
We always tend to do something crafty...
and I have been wanting an organized way to hang my jewelry.

I love my jewelry boxes but all my earrings were tangled,
and necklaces were breaking...

Mom actually made the base for a Christmas present last year.
It matches my bedspread. (that mom also made)

So all we had to do was add the lace.
We glued it down with small dabs of hot glue. 

I love it!!!
and it looks great on my wall..
someday when I'm closer to being done decorating my room 
I will take better pictures... 



cell phone pictures

My little Tyger and I...
Not the best pictures.  But he is ADORABLE.

 This is his "mother may I?" face. 
Could you say No to that?

Kickin back in his chair while munchin on a banana!

 Grandma got Ty some new summer clothes so I was trying to get some pictures.

Grandma and Ty when she came up to visit!! 

Ty and Maddox watch TV together...

Dad studying while Ty played with his quiet book .

Mom and Ty in the car, waiting for Grandma to get out of the doctors office.

The placemats I made awhile back to brighten up the kitchen..

The earring holder is new!! My mom and I made it:)

The quilt mom and I also made that same day...I sewed, she pinned and ironed...
 in ONE  hour we were done from start to finish!!

The carseat was all mom, she is pattern.