Wednesday, June 26, 2013

These two

The two. I love them with my whole heart forever and ever. 

You have to understand something about Ty. He loves vacuums. He has a toy one he is constantly playing with. He pretends other toys are vacuums. He pretends to plug them in and vacuum the floor. However when I plug the real vacuum in to clean he freaks out. I mean he is terrified...cries and runs as far away as possible. He has to get somewhere high and wont get down tell I am done. 

A while ago I got the vacuum out to clean the living room floor. Ember is sitting in her rocking chair and Ty books it to his room, slams the door and waits. A few minutes after starting the vacuum I see his door peek open and his little eyes looking through the crack. He runs out of his room with terror in his eyes, grabs Embers chair and drags her into his room. He slams the door again with them both safe and sound. 

 I know Ty and I know he would do anything to stay away from the vacuum when it is on. I know the fear I saw in his eyes when he ran into the living room to get Ember. I know its silly but to him the vacuum could possibly eat him but he was willing to take that risk for his baby sister. He had her back and protected her. 

I have to admit I laughed out loud when it happened. I thought it was adorable and went and kissed them both on the cheeks and then went back to cleaning. Ill always remember the day when Ty came to Embers rescue. Right now its only from the vacuum but someday it may be from a mean boy, a scary situation or an accident. I  am so thankful to have sweet children who I know will always take care of each other. Even if its just from the vacuum.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

10 months baby girl

Embers shirt is from a dollar store. I was in searching for water guns and couldn't believe it was there! I knew it would be adorable on. The rest of her outfit is from walwart. Her shoes are a recent buy. I die they are so cute!

Ember is growing so much. At nine months she is now....

-crawling at top speeds.

-pulling herself up on everything.

-walking the sides of the wall, couch and coffee table.

-cut two teeth. They are totally adorable and sharp. 

-has the cutest neck roll in the world. 

-wanting to be snuggled to sleep and held as much as possible. 

-feeding herself cheerios, fruit loops, noodles and fruit. 

-says mama and dada. 

-makes the saddest/cutest face when she doesn't get what she wants.  

-tries to stand on her own. 

-LOVES her brother. 

-laughs tell she has to catch her breath.

-loves to flap her hands and hit things to make noises. 

-can't fall asleep with out her caterpillar.

-makes us so happy. 

Monday, June 24, 2013


Hey there! I am SOOOOO glad you are here! Thank you for being apart of Tell me Tuesday! As of lately the number of links has been dropping so I wanted to tell you a little bit about it today! 

Tell me Tuesday started off as an all craft linky. (Crafts, Recipes, Tutorials) I soon realized that my heart was not fully into it anymore. I was questioning stopping the linky all together but still had fun reading and seeing others posts. THEN I decided to open it up more. I wanted to see more posts on everyday things. Family outings, Fashion, Baby updates, ect... I loved seeing more variety in the links and realized that it was more fun that way. Tell me Tuesday is TELL ME ANYTHING!!! Tell me whats been going on. What have you been working on... Where have you been going...Whats your baby up too...Have you been on a hot date this week. Share it in your post and link up here. You are welcome as long as it is G rated. Tori and I are super laid back and just want this to be fun and a good way for bloggers to get to know each other. 

As always if you would like to co-host e-mail me at

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Meredith is super sweet and has a fabulous blog. I often find myself there in search for a good recipe, cute craft idea, decorating ideas and much more. She says her blog is unoriginal in ideas, that she takes other to try out then share with us. She might not be 100% original but her spin on things is great! Make sure to go visit her. You wont be sorry:)

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Life lately

I can not even begin to describe the joy I have been feeling lately.

Watching these two together melts my heart. 

Watching Ty as he watches Jayson... watching his eyes light up when he sees his daddy do something amazing. Watching, just knowing in his eyes his daddy is the coolest person on earth. 

Every night I pray over and over about how thankful I am for my family.
My husband who takes such good care of me and the love that we share.
For our healthy adorable little ones.
That I am their mother. 

I often have dreams about being a teenager again. I dream about being in high school or college. I am late for class or I don't know my schedule. Every time I do I am always either married, pregnant or with the kids. There I am in my dream running to class with Ember on my hip and Ty running shortly behind us. Or I am taking notes with my pregnant belly pushed up against the desk and Jayson making goo-goo eyes at me from across the room.

I kept thinking about why I would have Jayson and the kids in my dream if I was only in high school. One day I brought it up with my mom while we were talking about weird dreams. She told me there was nothing weird about that at all. That I have them in my dreams no mater what age I am because they are now a forever part of me. I will never, nor could ever picture my life with out them. I can truly never be whole with out them ever again. 

I love my family so much and am so thankful I can call them mine.  

Monday, June 17, 2013

Tell me Tuesday

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Whipple Family Renion 2013

Jayson and I look forward to the Whipple reunion every year. 
If you want to see last years reunion click here.

Last year I was super pregnant and pretty sick from the altitude. Ty was so little and running around everywhere. I was blonder and Jayson had slightly less facial hair. 

...but one year later and were on that same rock and taking that same picture.  
Plus one family member:)

This year Ty was still running around everywhere. 
He has gotten faster and can jump higher.

He and Heather have the sweetest bond ever. 

I don't know who will miss who more once we move.

Ember loves the outdoors. 

She was all smiles and giggles.

Jayson and I took the kids for a little walk.

After one or two pictures of Jayson this is what I start to get. . . .

We will really miss coming each year.