Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wordless wednesday

Thats Pinteresting... What im LOVING

Hey ladies!! 
Before I show you my pins...
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 I love the idea for a super hero room someday. I love the kiddos room as it is now. . . but when I get the itch to re-do things...definitely doing super hero's.
(that is if Ty is into them).

Some kiddo clothes I am trying to make soon...

1. I am loving all the rain we are getting lately.
 It's so beautiful and Ty loves to listen to it. He gets so excited to hear the thunder.

2. Loving the fresh fruits and veggies my in-laws are sharing
with us!! SO yummy.
I have a bag full of peaches, tomatoes and squash!!

3. Loving my little mans kisses! I think he can tell
when I don't feel good now or when I am sad...
He comes and gives me soft sweet hugs and makes everything better!

4. Loving that I am on my 38th week..
well ill be 38 weeks on Friday!
Hopefully our little sunshine will be with us soon.

5. Loving My husband more and more everyday. It takes a lot
to put up with me while I'm pregnant and he does it so well!
Most nights end with a back or foot rubs:)
Not to mention he has picked up my slack on
cleaning, cooking, shopping...ect.