Thursday, January 13, 2011

why are you so cute?

Sometimes I find myself wishing Ty would play in his swing or chair and not have to be held so I can get somethings done around the house. but when he does fall asleep in his swing he looks so cute I find myself picking him up and holding him.... so really I have a hard time getting my house clean hahha...

here is to you lauren!

So I think my sister Lauren is about the only person to read my blog...but if by chance you are reading this and you are not Lauren...let me tell you she is a hot mama and best big sister in the whole world!!!

She totally let me borrow her sweet old sewing machine :) I have been having tons of fun working on projects while being home with Ty all day now days!
My new best friend and duh my diet coke!!!

work in progress

not so sure about the pattern, may need to play around a bit more

lots of projects!!! yay:)

SO thanks Lauren for the sewing machine...i kinda love you A TON!!! hehe