Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Some adventures!

Jayson, Ty and I just in our backyard enjoying whats left of the summer sun!

This is the close up I get every time he crawls all over me!!

This is me pretending I'm a photographer.....Also just in our back yard!
Seriously funny faces we have here!

still producing tons.however they look like they are going to start dying out :(
Heather, Jordan, Ty and I at Discovery Park waiting for Jess to get out of school!

The girls had a little lunch:)
The sun was totally in my eyes...

Ty's NEW TOY!!!
he looks so darling in it and has a blast pushing it around!!! 

 Heather came over and did my hair!!! and I LOVE IT!

burlap on the brain!

Wednesday:) and I got burlap on my brain!!!

 via pinterest!