Wednesday, February 12, 2014

felt boards

Miss Embers:

I have been wanting to make the kids some felt boards for a while. I finally got around to it and decided to make them for Valentines.

I wanted hers to be bright and colorful! The inspiration for the houses came from here. I am in love with the way it turned out. I am dying to see her face... Only a few more days.

It will most likely will end up looking like the third one with houses on the street and cars in the air... That's OK!

I have seen felt boards before where nothing was glued together. All the pieced were separate. I like the idea.. I just think Ember is still too small for that so I glued all the houses, cars and trees together but she can still move them around how ever she wants.

The only thing glued down is the hills and the road.

EEkkk.. Excited for her to play with it!


Ty has been loving Dinosaurs lately... We watch a lot of Dinosaur Train on Netflix. I can't wait to see his face... Ty's needs a lot more pieces. I plan to make him a few more dinosaurs and trees. The good thing about the felt boards is you can add as many pieces as you want! 

He can name a lot of the dinosaurs when he is watching the show... hopefully he can recognize these ones. My artistic ability is slightly lacking. 

all my inspiration is here
hopefully the kids like them... These ones are small enough to hang up or tuck under the bed.. if they do like them ill probably make one more really big one to stay hung up on their wall low enough for them to play with.

I used an old canvas for Embers and a cork board I had laying in the closet for Ty's. All the small felt pieces I had on hand. The big felt pieces I got at Joann's with a 50% off coupon. Then a little hot glue and thats all the supplies needed. O and a little fabric paint for the dino faces.

The best projects are the ones you can whip together with stuff you already have on hand!