Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What M's reading, wearing and doing....

This adorable outfit was a gift to Ember from her Aunt Heather. I believe she gave one similar to Allie and will most likely give one to Baby Hardy who is well on her way and should be here in a few weeks. Thanks Heather for always making sure my babies are stylin:)

Can you believe Ember in one? I can't. She is growing and growing. Like most babies do right! She is surprising me so much. She learned to walk with in a day. She started and just didn't stop. No fear. She walks all over the house. Not really stopping to play, just walking walking walking. You can see the look in her eye of how proud of herself she is. Her appetite is getting smaller. She use to eat adult size bowls of food and still want more. Now she may finish half and be done. Eating a little bit more often is her new schedule. She still is the worlds best sleeper. She wakes up around 8:00 then takes a nap from 12-3 and back to bed at 7:30 with out waking up all night! She loves to put herself to sleep. As long as I lay her down at those times she plays in bed tell she is tired and eventually falls asleep. As soon as she wakes up she plays in her crib tell Ty or I hears her moving around. Ty runs in and climbs into bed with her. They play tell usually someone starts crying. 

M got this new book for her birthday from Grandma Whetman. She adores the flaps. Ill have her sit on my lap and read it, when we look in the flaps she laughs...not a cute little soft laugh but a loud laugh. A laugh of  "O my gosh, he's not in the box!!!" Its adorable. She melts my heart. I love to hand her the books and just watch her look and learn. We also practice pointing at things...(thanks mom for the tip). We sit and point to the objects in the book. Its good hand eye coordination. I'll say "Lets point to the doggy" then the next time ill ask her to point to the doggy. She has caught on fast and loves to play! If she points to the wrong thing and I say "no, try again" she laughs and will keep trying. Sometimes I think she points to the wrong thing to be funny! Silly kid.