Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pins, pins, pins

HEY ladies! Ready for my PINS??

First don't forget

My Tell me Tuesday link party is still up.
Check out my recent post about my Jewelry Hanger.

K time for some PINS

For My kiddos
    1 :Cupcake Cutie 2:  Dot coms for moms 3: The 36th Avenue
4: Etsy 5: Domesticesq 6: Kiflies Levendula 7: Etsy

I can't help but to pin a million things for the kids. 
Mostly clothes and bows for Ember at this point. She has a lot of handmade cuteness ready for her
when she gets here.
I love pinning activities for Ty and I to do. 
My "toddler activities" and "kid crafts" pin board are full of fun learning ideas for the little ones.

For My House
1: The Wishful Tinker 2: Inspire design and create 3: Goodwillionaire
4: Recipes for the soul 5: Handmade with Joy 6: Strikes our fancy

We are renting so its not possible to paint and re-do most of the house.
However fun frames and pillows are just what I need to make our apartment feel more like a home.

For Me
1: Sew craft create 2: Sellz cute things
3: E how 4: Style me pretty

Mama needs some pampering every now and again...
Painting my nails is one of m favorite/cheap ways to feel freshened up.
and its always nice to have my hair feeling soft!

1: Tumblr

My whole family LOVES the 70's show.
So needless to say when I saw this I almost cried I was laughing so hard!