Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kiddo fun..O how pinteresting!

Seriously how cute are these??
I love them all....
I think the possibilities are endless for this activity!

and my two MOST FAVORITE........

All of these images where found on pinterest!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Tell me Tuesday #11

HEY HEY LADIES!!! I'm so excited its Tuesday Time!:) Thanks for all your support last week in entering the linky. Like ALWAYS I loved all of your projects and got lots of inspiration..


Here are a few of my favorite:)

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and have tons of fun!!!

K show me what ya got!!!!

I'm guest posting today!!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

new fun

Ty's cute new things....he can feed himself. Kinda, he can put puffs and cheerios in his own mouth. It's SOOO DARLING!! I don't know what happened to my picky eater. He seriously went from eating hardly anything and only wanting his bottle to now eating ANYTHING....he even LOVES the baby food meats that everyone said all babies hate. So I think it wont be long tell my skinny little baby starts to put some meat on his bones! 
I heard it's bad to feed your babies to sleep....but Ty always sleeps so much better and longer with a bottle. Also he just looks so dang cute half asleep with a bottle in his hand!! Does anyone know why it's bad?? 
Aunt Heather and her two little men...She is SOOO sweet!
 Another new trick of Ty's is he can now pull himself up in the crib. It kinda freaked me out at first. He looks so big. BUT he LOVES it!!! He gets so excited to be standing!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tell me Tuesday #10

HEY LADIES! Welcome back to Tell me Tuesday!! I am so happy so many of you are participating!
SOOOO MANY awesome projects linked up last week... but here are a few of my favorites....

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Hope you check out some of the AWESOMENESS that was shared!!! 

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Friday, August 19, 2011


-How does my garden grow?

 -Like this!!

We got our first cucumber.
YAY its so exciting:) 
Also we picked our first carrots.
They were DELICIOUS!!! 
I wish we could eat garden fresh carrots all year round!! :)

We had gardens growing up, but I never really 
wanted to "work" in them. 

However I have found that I may just have a 
green thumb.

There is nothing like planting something and watching it

Then EATING IT!! haha

Jayson and I love to work in it together. We have some of our best conversations 
while pulling 

Not to mention the yummy foods we are getting. 

Fresh salsa weekly
Zucchini bread/cake/brownies

We have so much Zucchini I need to start 
researching some recipes to use it for.

..and tomatoes, anyone want any?

-I know gardening will be a part of our life forever.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

birthday bash!


Its always been a tradition to go to the lake on my birthday........ This year was fun because I got to share that tradition with not only my wonderful family but my in laws as well!! It was a blast!

While we were at the lake we saw some awesome sheep! They were all over the place....and two males were fighting over a is one shot and a video:)

More photos of the birthday bash in logandale and what Jayson surprised me with will be up soon!!!!!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tell me Tuesday #9


HEY LADIES! Dang I have had a busy couple weeks.... First with my brother in law returning from his mission and having tons of family around...then my mom, sister and I went to Nephi for my cousins bridal shower and to watch another cousin compete in the miss Juab pageant. THEN IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY!!! SO we celebrated by going to the lake skiing and wake boarding (a tradition)..... So if I seem to be missing its because I was....but as for now things should slow down and I have a few fun crafts and family pictures to catch up on!!! ANYWHO...ready for another TELL ME TUESDAY!???? I know I am...Thanks to all who entered in last week....there was some stinkin cute stuff. Lets recap shall we.... :)

Little Man Tie
Both Tie and the little man...ah look at those dimples....
I REALLY want to make one for my little man! :) 
crayon frame 
Such a cute frame. I think it would be perfect in a kid room, or a teacher gift!
Baby Sea Turtle Cupcakes 
HOLY darling...I think these are perfect baby shower treats!!!
Simple Burp Cloth Tutorial w/free pattern!
Love the pattern, love the tutorial, love the fabric...
Its all perfect!
Tissue Box Craft: Note Paper Holder Gift
Awesome re purpose. I defiantly want to try this!!

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WELL LADIES!!! :) show me what ya got!!!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Flash Back Photography

HEY ladies! I have a treat for you!!! Baily from  Flash Back Photography took Ty's pictures and I wanted to share some with you! First here is a bit about her....
My name is Bailey. (Flashback Photography by Bailey.) 
 I am a wife, mother, and photographer! Next to
my awesome family - photography is my passion.
I love everything about it. I discovered my
fascination for photography when I was 10 years old. Spending
all my money on disposable cameras temporarily satisfied
my desire to take photos of anything and everything.
  When I was 12 years old, I was a good girl all year
 long and “Santa” brought me my very own digital camera.
 I continued taking pictures of my family, friends
and anyone else that would allow me to capture them…
My passion for taking pictures has continued to grow as the
years have gone by and I am more intrigued with
 taking pictures now than I ever have been.
 I crave meeting new people and love seeing smiles
 on their faces, just capturing the moment.  I take a lot of
pride in my work and I strive to be the best photographer that I can be.
 I’m makin’ memories one click at a time!

Cute huh!!! I love them all:) It was such a fun shoot.... Baily made it so chill and was great working with Ty.
To check out her site go to Flash Back Photography
or her facebook page.

P.S Baily is wanting to do a giveaway soon here on Me and My Boys!!!!! 
SOOOO if your interested or know someone who is tell them to keep a look out for it!! :)