Wednesday, January 16, 2013

hop scotch DIY

I got this lovely idea from the fabulous A girl and a glue gun blog.
Pretty fantastic right!!???
My niece LOVES hop scotch. So this little beauty is what I made her for Christmas! It was so easy and way fun to make. As soon as the kids went to bed I whipped up the front. (the hop scotch part). 
The red felt is just over two yards long
 The number sheets are the pre-cut felt pages
 The actual numbers I traced out of white felt I had by the yard
The dots are just extra felt I had laying around
All hot glued on
 The back has tic-tac-toe on it!! So fun.
The Pieces are 3" by 3" squares of felt 
with the X's and O's sewn on
The white grid is hot glued on
 Jayson and I played a few games just for fun!
I also put a matching game on the back side. I use to love these kind of games so I hope Allie does as well.
Everything is hot glued on here as well. 
The only bad part about the matching game is its hot glued down so after they play it a dozen times they will have it all memorized and wont be as fun any time I would probably just give them the pieces separate so they can shuffle them after each game.
I think Ty is going to miss it, but its in good hands. When he is big enough to play with one ill make him one as well!!