Thursday, January 23, 2014

Flying with children

I was terrified to fly with the kids. The possibilities crossing my mind of what could go wrong was endless. I was scared to let go of either of them. I wanted to be holding Ember and holding Tys hand at all times. The idea of losing a child is paralyzing to im sure every mother.

Anyway I have to say flying with children in my experience was wonderful. Ok maybe not WONDERFUL but it was pretty dang good.

We arrived at the airport and they sent us right to the front of the line:) Perks for having kids right! We were maybe at check in for five minutes. We flew out on a week day so security was a breeze. They didnt make us go through the crazy machines. We just both held a kid and walked through a metal detector. We didnt have to take off the kids shoes or jackets. Nice. We had a small hiccup when Ty had to put his Buzz Lightyear backpack through the scanners but as soon as he got it back he was as happy as can be again. We found our tram/train whatever its called and Ty was in heaven! Finally to our terminal and we had to wait forever. Luckily you can bring drinks and snacks when you have kids. So we went through about a box of Juice Box a bag of Teddy Grahams and a handful of Fruit Snacks. Ty brought a train set and set it up right there in the waiting area. He thought it was pretty cool that we let him bring it but it kept him busy...

Once we were on the plane it was not as bad as I thought. The kids both loved looking out the windows at the "MOUNTAINS MOUNTAINS MOUNTAINS" Ty was so excited. I thought he was being silly and then I realized we haven't lived in the mountains for a long time so he was truly excited to see them again. He was also interested in reading all the pamphlets with the snacks and safety instructions on them. He kept showing me the pictures and asking for M&Ms. Soon Ember fell asleep and the flight was smooth as can be.

We got off the plane and started getting Ty excited to see Nana and Papa. He was looking everywhere. As soon as we saw them he ran as fast as he could with his little Buzz backpack flapping up and down. Yay we made it. We were beyond happy.

Getting into the Vegas Airport was even easier. Fast and painless. Everyone made it as easy as possible with the kids. My favorite part was going through security this time. We were in Vegas and the Security
Guard was telling everyone to empty out their pockets. Boarding passes, ID, money...Everything needed to be in the bins. As soon as the Security Guard said to put money in the bins or in your hands this cute little Asian man said "No more money" :( Made us all laugh. Vegas is a tempting place lol.

As soon as we made it to our terminal I called Dad. He is working at the Airport and he brought the Fire Truck over and him and his partner came in to sit with us for a little while. I have to admit it was pretty cool seeing dad at work. When he was working outside the Airport we could go visit the Fire Station whenever we wanted and sit in the Fire Truck. The Airport security is pretty tight though and has so many restricted areas that we cant visit him anymore. BUT he could come see us when we were there. Ty was also in heaven. For about a week after he was talking about Papa and the green Fire Truck. He still asks sometimes if we can go to the Airport and see Papa.

So the wait to get on the plane from Vegas to Denver was wonderful because we got that time with Dad.

The flight home was fine. The kids were anxious to get off the plane this time. They were only interested in what was out the window for a little while. We took a later flight home so as soon as the sun was down they couldn't see anything and didn't care. Eventually Ember fell asleep and Ty just played with some of his new toys. We went through a box of Juice boxes again, a bag of gold fish and plenty of fruit snacks.

I actually loved flying with the kids because they thought it was awesome. Ty loved the big buildings and all the people. We are also lucky that when he gets in a crowd he sticks right by us. He doesn't wonder off and get curious about everything. He just insists that we go with him when he wants to see things. I'm sure we will be making that flight a few more times while living in Denver so hopefully it stays good!