Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Day

Mom did the tree so fun this year! It starts with a cowboy hat on top. Then goes down with some burlap and country ornaments and ends with a pair of dads cowboy boots!!! Everyone loved it!! Including the babies....and the ornaments were not breakable...YAY!!

All the gifts Christmas morning:)
It use to be tradition every year all the girls got porcelain we get willows:)
My family all got some PACKERS shirts. Jayson was thrilled! He said we can wear them this SUPER BOWL!!!
Heather got me some of my favorite movies and I made her a frame for her room!
Mom made me that cork board!!! and Jayson helped Ty open some of his gifts!
Mom got a stud finder.....she pointed to dad for the picture!!! (him being her stud in all!)
Jayson got the new Glen Beck book he has been wanting!
Heather and I both got a new set of scriptures...Mine say Ashley Whetman on them!!   The quilt mom made me...It is SOOOO beautiful!!! I will soon be doing a whole post just on it!! I LOVE IT
Needless to say we all got some pretty fun stuff!!
The last present opened was for Ty...His basketball hoop from Grandma and Grandpa Hardy! We have been showing him how you use it and he is getting the hang of it. Except he doesn't just put the ball in the hoop...he will put anything he can through it....( he has in his hands..) O well he knows that something goes in the hoop!!! 

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! Thanks everyone who made ours great!