Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tell Me Tuesday #54 a link party


Welcome ladies!

Also thanks for your input about the giveaway. 
I received a lot of e-mails encouraging me 
to wait tell after baby girl is here. 
We are now on our 37th week... :)
So hopefully she will be here soon. 


Any ideas on what my new blog name should be??
Me and My boys is not going to work after 
our baby girl gets here



 Homemade TWIX Bars
By: Desiree @ steak N potatoes kinda gurl 

YUM, homemade twix bars really??
Sounds like heaven to me!!
 1. Rosemary Skewer Kabobs
By: Happiest mom on the blog

2. Pasta Salad
By: Nap-time creations

3. World's Best Cheesy Hashbrown Potatoes
By: Katie @ My darling days

All of these meals look like great dinner ideas to 
try out soon! ...and you know I will! 

Kiddo Stuff!
By: The lovely ladies @

Ty is still a little young to appreciate this, but when 
he is a little older we are definitely doing this! 
HOW AWESOME! (pinned for later!!) 

This pirates room has lots of great ideas. 
The bunk beads caught my eye though!
What a great idea for big families with limited space. 


Holy smokes... this is AMAZING! Wish my wall could be this beautiful!
Even the before picture was amazing.
You go girl:)

 For the Ladies

By: Bethany @ Life Unexpected

Perfect for summer.. 

 If you were featured and want one of these bad boys
They are on the sidebar!! 

K now I want to see what YOU all have been up too?


anything goes... as long as its yours.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

LAST weeks Cell phone pictures

That's right 36 WEEKS! 
We now have doctor appointments every week...crazy..
 I remember this time with Ty went by fast
because I felt like I was living at the doctors office.
Ty is still not sure about my large belly. He looks at it so weirdly. He tries to pull my shirt up.. ( I think he may think I have a basketball hiding up there that he wants to play with) 

My little man can not stay awake in his carseat. 
It makes for great road trips, but when we are on our way to 
church or the grocery store and he
falls asleep only for me to wake him when we get there...Is hard.

This was a hard day. We went outside to play like every 
other day.
Ty and Maddox were having fun riding their bikes and  
running around...
When I hear a very unusual cry come from Ty. 
It was his "I'M HURT" cry but intensified by 100. 
Sure enough when I ran to grab him there were a few bees around. 
He was rubbing the palm of his hand on me so hard and kicking and screaming. I looked at his palm and saw the big bite. It was swelling  pretty fast. Me being allergic to bees immediately freaked out.

I ran inside and through him in a cool bath and was watching carefully for swelling or difficulty breathing.
He seemed to be doing fine.. Just miserable from the sting. 
After a few panic phone calls to my older sister, Dad and Tys doctor I just gave him some medicine and rocked him. The picture on the right is him after the tub and medicine. About ten minutes or less into rocking he was asleep. I laid him in bed...Three and a half hours later he woke  up...Swelling was gone and he was as happy as can be, as if nothing ever happened.

Now that I know he is not allergic and wont stop breathing on me... next time he gets stung wont be as dramatic on my part.


Thursday, July 26, 2012


Or trying to...enjoy the last few weeks of being pregnant. I know I complain a lot, but its truly a beautiful and amazing miracle.

I have been taking birthing classes this pregnancy. (was not able to with Ty)..sore subject... But I LOVE THEM!
I'm learning to manage my pain better, work with my support person (Jays and mom) better. 
What to bring...When to come in...ect. 

By my older sisterI sometimes find it hard to take care of myself and Ty AND my hubby. While she has 5 kids a hubby and she is a rock star hot mama! 

Hoping to be as great a mama as her someday.

Quiet large with child. 36 week.

Patient, good things come to those who wait. Baby girl will be here soon enough.  

 Indulging in:
The pre-packaged Jamba Juice smoothies you can pick up at wal-mart. O my goodness I can't stop/ it's so hot here and they are so refreshing and cheap!! LOVE LOVE LOVE 

Little reminders

A few days ago I needed to run to the store. I called my sister in law to see if I could drop Ty off for an hour while I went. 
She of course said yes, so we were on our way. 

When I got there I brought him inside, played for a few minutes then headed out. 
I was gone about an hour when I came to pick him up..

I walked in and I could see Ty playing upstairs with some toys. 
He saw me immediately....
He got a Christmas morning look on his face
and RAN with his arms out straight towards me
 smiling from ear to ear. 
I dropped to my knees so my little man could give me a hug. 
He held on so tight and said "mama". 

Moments like these remind me how blessed I am to have 
a beautiful healthy little boy.

The image of him running toward me will always 
be one I remember! 

LOVE you TY!

 <bits of splendor monday

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pinteresting time...

1: source 2: source 3:  source 4: source

5: source 6: source 7: source
8: source 9: source

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Also don't forget Tell Me Tuesday is up all week.
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tell Me Tuesday #54


Hey there! 
Thanks to everyone who linked up last week!

Before we get to business...I need your opinion...

I am thinking I need to have a giveaway..
What do you think?
I want to make something for it...

 I would make a personalized car mat..


Some lovely pin cushions

Some headbands..

Depends on how many people enter and 
who wins. (what they want)


There was some GREAT stuff linked up last week..
As always I had a hard time picking features.

Things that made my mouth water...

Just adorable..

1: Lady with the red rocker 2: Southern lovely
3: The lifeof jennifer dawn 4: Ashleys dandelion wishes

Made My Day

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Monday, July 23, 2012

park date

View from the grass..  Where we laid and relaxed.

After enough relaxing Ty wanted to play...
and drink some Capri Suns

I don't know anyone who hates getting the picture taken more than Jayson.

..and there was no way I was going to let anyone take a picture of me..
So I took my own. 

Ty SERIOUSLY did not want to get out of the swing.
 I bet we pushed him in it for close to an hour.

Whatever makes em happy right.?!

Jays was having fun swinging...but when I tried my pregnant fat hips were digging into the sides of the swing so it didn't last long.

Linkin with Kacia + Robot

Friday, July 20, 2012

Baby gift

One of my favorite things to make for new babies is
 Whale Softies. 
I found the original tutorial HERE. From Jess at

If you go there she shares the printable pattern!
It's great too because it uses very little material.

I also LOVE making burp clothes.
Mostly because every mama is going to need a dozen on hand. 
AND they are super easy to do.

I have had this material sitting in my stash from 
Black Friday. 
I love the rocket ships SOOO much.
But tied it together with the back of the clothes 
matching the whales.  

Add some baby wash, lotion and shampoo
and you have yourself a cute little gift for the new mommy and baby!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Maddox came to play today! 
As always the boys had lots of fun.

Reading books. 

Making a giant mess.

Eating goldfish.

....and more goldfish. 

While watching cars..

and making more messes. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pins, pins, pins

HEY ladies! Ready for my PINS??

First don't forget

My Tell me Tuesday link party is still up.
Check out my recent post about my Jewelry Hanger.

K time for some PINS

For My kiddos
    1 :Cupcake Cutie 2:  Dot coms for moms 3: The 36th Avenue
4: Etsy 5: Domesticesq 6: Kiflies Levendula 7: Etsy

I can't help but to pin a million things for the kids. 
Mostly clothes and bows for Ember at this point. She has a lot of handmade cuteness ready for her
when she gets here.
I love pinning activities for Ty and I to do. 
My "toddler activities" and "kid crafts" pin board are full of fun learning ideas for the little ones.

For My House
1: The Wishful Tinker 2: Inspire design and create 3: Goodwillionaire
4: Recipes for the soul 5: Handmade with Joy 6: Strikes our fancy

We are renting so its not possible to paint and re-do most of the house.
However fun frames and pillows are just what I need to make our apartment feel more like a home.

For Me
1: Sew craft create 2: Sellz cute things
3: E how 4: Style me pretty

Mama needs some pampering every now and again...
Painting my nails is one of m favorite/cheap ways to feel freshened up.
and its always nice to have my hair feeling soft!

1: Tumblr

My whole family LOVES the 70's show.
So needless to say when I saw this I almost cried I was laughing so hard!