Thursday, March 31, 2011

look what i can do:)

put things in my mouth

loves to be swaddled

grabbing everything

watching TV

standing up

smiling like CRAZY

holding my bottle


playing tell I'm wore out

loving my bumbo

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The remarkable soul of a woman

Today while Jayson watched the game I noticed this book on the shelf at
his parents house. I have wanted to read it for a while now. So I picked it up and
thought I would start it. It reminded me of a talk, I was reading it as if I was hearing
President Uchtdorf saying it... You know.. with his sweet German accent.

About twenty five minutes later I finished..such a light read,
but so amazing. Made me tear up a time or two.

I LOVED IT!!! I think every woman should read:)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Missy and Justins bath towels

My brother and Missy GOT MARRIED Saturday!!
I wanted to make the lovely couple John Deere towels:)
If so
ill show you how I did it..

plain towels
material of your choice

measure your towel to see how long and wide
you will need to cut your material...

don't forget to add for your seam.
I took an extra inch for length
 and an inch for the width
(1/2 inch on both ends)
cut the material you picked..
then place it on the towel where you want it
iron your seams down
-this is why you need that extra inch-

pin it to the towel
-makes sewing a lot easier-

when you get it all pinned and
it looks just as you would like it
your all ready

time to get your sew on

i did a zig zag stitch.. <3 it

I did Justins towel and the
hand towels the same way


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Thursday, March 17, 2011


So this is my brother justin, he just had his 26th birthday!!
Mom made him an awesome cake..she is pretty amazing...i love the
muddy tires:)

scrap pillow

I'm so excited to share this pillow with you! It was so much fun to make and
I am so happy with the way it turned out:)
My sister in law turned I wanted to give her something cute and fun

I cut out two pieces of material the size of the pillow.
I used white because the fabric I had to work with was a lot of
pink and whites.

I cut her name and some stars out of some pink material

placed and pinned them.

I know this looks crazy, but don't ever throw away scraps...
you can do so many fun things with them

I just kept piling them on top of each other

tell I thought it looked cute
after I got them how I wanted them
comes the time consuming part

pinning them

I pin it like crazy

Here is the back and front before I get to sewing!

on the front I outlined her name and the stars.

on the back you could outline it. I have done it before,
but this pillow I used way smaller scraps and
wanted to see what a zig zag stitch
going up and down would look like
I think it turned out pretty cute!!!