Wednesday, August 24, 2011

new fun

Ty's cute new things....he can feed himself. Kinda, he can put puffs and cheerios in his own mouth. It's SOOO DARLING!! I don't know what happened to my picky eater. He seriously went from eating hardly anything and only wanting his bottle to now eating ANYTHING....he even LOVES the baby food meats that everyone said all babies hate. So I think it wont be long tell my skinny little baby starts to put some meat on his bones! 
I heard it's bad to feed your babies to sleep....but Ty always sleeps so much better and longer with a bottle. Also he just looks so dang cute half asleep with a bottle in his hand!! Does anyone know why it's bad?? 
Aunt Heather and her two little men...She is SOOO sweet!
 Another new trick of Ty's is he can now pull himself up in the crib. It kinda freaked me out at first. He looks so big. BUT he LOVES it!!! He gets so excited to be standing!!!