Friday, October 19, 2012

Embers blessing

Embers blessing was so beautiful.
I would be lying if I said I didn't cry.

I cried in part by the love I have for Ember, and in part by the love I have for Jayson.
He gave her the most beautiful blessing.
The spirit was so strong and I felt truly blessed to have such an amazing family.

I know the things Jayson blessed Ember with were what Heavenly Father wanted him to say. 

We didn't get the best pictures taken the day of, but I plan to have plenty taken of her in her dress this week.

Tys surprise

I had it in my head that I wouldn't potty-train Ty tell he was three-ish.

However this is how it all started for Ty.

He was in the bathroom playing while I was in the bedroom. He looks in at me and smiles, then slams  the door in my face. . . not nice. So I went to open it. He had a mischievous look on his face and pushes me out and slams it again.

I started to wonder if he was going to try and go potty. So I give him a few seconds with my head pushed up against the door. When I open it he now has his pants off. Once more he slams the door on me. I decide to give him a little more privacy. This time when I open the door he is completely naked and trying to climb on the toilet.

I go over and ask..."do you want to go potty?" He gets extremely excited and shouts "YEAH!!"
So I lift him up and hold him on there (this is before we put the helper seat on) We sit there, me holding him for what seems like an hour, probably about 5min. . . then I start to hear the poop hit the water. 

He got SO excited. I told him good job and gave him a very special treat.

We put the helper seat on the toilet and he loves it.

He doesn't always go on it. He still wears his diaper around the house. I don't force or even ask him if he has to go to the potty. I wait tell its his idea, him dragging me to the bathroom or running to me saying "ewww ewww".

If he wants to go great, if not that's ok too.

I think he is more ready than I am for this.

I never thought I would be trying to potty train him before he is even 2.

Any advice for a first time potty training mommy?