Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sitting with style

This new adventure we have begun (sitting) is SO fun! Im sorry this is like the third post of Ty
just sitting...but I seriously cant get enough of it!! He LOVES to sit and play with his toys/and
I seriously LOVE to take pictures of him doing it!
:) love him

food pages for the quiet book!

How fun right? Here we have a table set and a grocery bag filled with food!
totally my favorite feature!!! the bag actually holds all the food!

yay, I hope Ty has fun making different meals and setting the table.
to see more of Ty's Quiet book go HERE

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sweet and Sour Meatballs

I always say I will post recipes that I tried out....but I cant cook very many yummy 
things worth posting...HOWEVER Jayson and I stayed at his parents house while they were 
on vacation to Mexico...and I got out my mother in laws cook book...
and WOW this one is worth posting!!! I'm such a beginner cook and I 
didn't even mess it up!
this is what it looks like before you toss it in the oven.

the only thing I didn't do was add the prepared mustard...
i was not positive what it was...
like I said I am NOT a cook.

served over brown rice and veggies on the side!!!
yummy:) this one is a keeper in our family

Monday, June 27, 2011

Tell me Tuesday #2

Welcome back to the 2nd tell me Tuesday!
I want you to TELL ME what you have been working on!!
Lets see your latest and greatest projects!:)
all link ups are welcome, just link up to your blog post/rather than your main page. 

The following Tuesday there will always be features.
So be sure to come back and check them out.

To party please follow Me and my boys.
and grab the party button!!
 O and HAVE fun! 

featuring some lovely ladies and their blogs

Just want to say thank you to all the lovely ladies who entered last weeks linky party.
You all ROCK! 

I wanted to share with you some of their awesomeness.
my mommy 
Yes, that is my mom! she is um amazing to say the least/
I would like to tell her all the things she is good at but It would make
for a very long post.
Rather than that I will just say she is the best mom ever and I love her
dearly. Thanks for all your support in my crazy adventures!

When my brother got married I not only gained an AMAZING
sister in law, but a whole new addition to our family. This is my sister in laws sister!
hehe and I feel like she might as well be family too.
She is an amazing photographer and a cute blogger!
Her and her hubby have 5 precious puppies that they love as children.
<3 her.

What can I say about Lauren :)
Her and her hubby are AMAZING gardeners. They could grow anything.
Then they can it all!! She also takes photos and rocks at it.
But her mad skill is Blog designing.
She is actually the one who got me into blogging!

  These sister in Laws are all things creating and crafting.
 Amazing paper crafts/sewing/jewelry/recipes!
They are fully of creativity and sweetness:)
 Their blog title came from their two little girls names
 who they say both inspire them everyday.
sweetness huh!
  Whitney is a doll, and a lover of all things yellow.
She has a cute etsy shop where she sells lots of fun jewelry.
She is almost always having a giveaway going on and could make about anything I'm sure.
and she has a DARLING baby boy named Maddox.
Look at that smile, doesn't it make you want to smile too?!
Never met Andee but have enjoyed getting to know her through blog land. 
I'm sure she is just like sunshine to be around. 
She  cooks/sews and has a down to earth blog that is refreshing to read!

thanks again to these ladies! you all rock:)

Help a momma out

Today I am participating in 

Its a fun link party where moms get to share advice/funny stories...
anything mother related I suppose!
anywho I pondered awhile to think of something to share. 
I am a first time momma so I struggled on what anyone could want to hear from me.

But we went down to my parents place in Logandale this weekend
and I had my sista take some family shots of my cute little fam.
We didn't do anything huge or time consuming,
however we got er done and here is the advice I came up with.
while taking photos...not everyone is going to look their best in every shot. 
so just smile and get your hubby and the baby through the process as 
quick as possible.
and while you may get some really silly ones in the mix...

 your also going to get some darling ones as well...

Here is our family shot, and my MOST FAVORITE picture of Ty. 

So there is my first piece of advice....
Its hard to get good family/baby pictures....
but it will always work out!!!!

Tyger man update


Ty is so fun to feed!
He loves all of his baby food!!! 

He is getting so big:)
yesterday he sat up all by himself for the very first time!

also today we go to the doctor for a check up...
so I cant wait to see how tall he is and his weight gain!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cutest Push Pins EVER!!

 Don't these look darling! 
YAY I love them:)
I have seen tutorials all over blog land for them and I thought I 
would give them a try.
 I didn't redo a tutorial, because I lacked the energy and ambition today.
However its pretty easy....
 Get the clear rocks at any craft store really....
I got mine at Roberts. 
Pick what you want behind the rocks and just mod podge it on!
I have seen tons of magnent ones, but I wanted to try push pins.... 
Just super glue the pins to the back!
I wanted to use the alphabet...
I thought it would be cute and fun :)
My sister Lauren actually picked out these stickers!!

and basically she is the bomb dig..she is a designer over at Designer Blogs. She totally did my whole blog!!!
SO as a thank you!!! I wanted to give her these, since she liked them so much!!
and since  I think everything looks cute in jars...
I put them in a jar with a little bow!
Hope she likes em!!! 

linkin up HERE

Monday, June 20, 2011

Tell me Tuesday #1

Hi! Welcome to the FIRST Tell me Tuesday! 
I am so excited for this new link party:) Linking is so fun. 
After starting them I soon got addicted.
finding inspiration/ other blog friends/ getting feed back from projects/ 
and that thrill to see if you got featured....LOVE it:)

Most Tuesdays we will be sharing things we have been working on!
crafts/recipes/photos/ any project you would like to share!!
but today since its our FIRST time....
lets try to get to know each other shall we!!

Here is how this week will work.
You will post your answers on a new post on your blog. If you want to back date so
its not your newest post you can. Then come and link back to that post here.

Try to visit a few other blogs and comment! It should be fun and we can get to know each other!

Also please add the Tell me Tuesday button to your page so others may join:)
(button is on the sidebar)

 o and P.S I will be featuring one of you as the 
so be sure to come back next Tuesday and see!!!!
thanks and have a great day!

1. Why do you craft?
2. What is your favorite blog to stalk?
3.When did you first get into blogging?

My answers 

1. I love to craft honestly to keep me from not going crazy. I am not working since I had our darling baby Ty, and however much I LOVE to play with him...I NEED to do something for myself! Its so great to have my hour a day to CREATE something! 

2. I could honestly stalk a hundred blogs out there. While my first blog love was Cheri over at I am momma hear me roar. Now days I catch myself stalking the Funky Polkadot Giraffe. 

3.I first got into blogging when I got married. My sister made me a sweet blog, but I didn't really get into it until I had my baby! now I can say I am in love!

Friday, June 17, 2011

my dream

um I want this...wait I NEED this!
is it the cutest thing you have ever seen!!!???
This hutch was done by the AMAZING Lolly Jane girls. 
go see all there stuff, you will bookmark like EVERYTHING!
yeah. Pretty much want this hutch! Did I already say that?
well I do!! I have this whole vision for my 
that I will have someday. 
someday being the key word..
and this hutch will be the center of it..
(hopefully mine is half this cute)
also my craft room will be filled with fun ways to organized.
I love all of these ideas by scrap books etc
They are all so fun and pretty:) 

ahhh someday:) 



SO we have some winners!!! yay I'm so EXCITED

is Brenen who said 

You lured me in with your Little Girl Gift post and now I'm a follower. 

and Kristy who said
New follower! My girls would be sooooo excited to get this! :) Thanks for the fun!

THANKS to everyone who participated in the first of many giveaways!
you all rock


Thursday, June 16, 2011

some of Tys 6 month pictures

...Mommy's little man...
.................6 MONTHS OLD................
That's baby is not a baby anymore. 
he is a big baby:) 
bitter/sweet!! I love to watch him grow, but it is going so fast.
Ty is doing so many fun things...

playing with toys 
shaking them and then throwing them across the room (literally) 
rolls tell he hits something, then rolls in the other direction tell he hits something else 
eating a jar and a half of baby food in one sitting
and basically melting my heart every time I look at him


Sunday, June 12, 2011


more scrapbook pages for the little man!!
what do you think???

Saturday, June 11, 2011

LIttle GIRL gift!

My niece Mercede turned two today!!! We had a fun little birthday party over 
at my in laws house:) Mercade is so darling.... She is the definition of sour and sweet..
One minute she is sticking her tongue out at you and the next giving you a big kiss!!
I love her so much!!! 
I wanted to make her something...and I have been collecting Tys baby food
jars because I knew I could use them for SOMETHING!!!
So anyhow... I got some ribbon/mod podge/paper and made the 
baby food jar a cute gift holder!! 
that I hope can work for holding her little rubber bands/ or whatever 
she wishes!!

Then I needed something to put in the I got out some of my beads 
and made her some bracelets! I think they turned out darling!!!
They are pink and purple//typical girl right!!
I also made one that is pink with stars...but it seems i forgot to take a picture of it..
:( sad is really so cute!
anyway...she got lots of fun things and her party was a great success!!
I think she loved her bracelets!
she kept taking them off/ looking at them, then putting them back on:)
 such a fun gift! and I really think the baby food jars have endless 
possibilities for gifts!!

linkin up HERE

ALSO I have been experimenting with a (water mark)??? 
I think that's what they are called...
the Me and my boys label at the bottom of the picture...
well I need some input.
what do you think?

don't forget about my

Friday, June 10, 2011

!!!ATTENTION FOLLOWERS!!! **my first giveaway**

One thing I absolutely love to do in the summer is paint my nails all different colors!!
Childish?? um maybe a little but its fun.....and who doesn't love seeing a lot of colors!?
 I love blogging and I love my blogger I wanted to do my first giveaway as really more 
of a THANK YOU!!!! 
Thank you for supporting me
Thank you for your sweet comments
Thank you for all the inspiration you give me
Thank you for letting me see into your lives
It is so fun getting to know more of you...I wish we all could live close together and 
have craft fun would that be???!!! here is the giveaway 

Your own little nail polish set!!!
you can paint your nails different colors...
or stick to one... whatever you wish!

I also wish I could give more out....but I promise I 
will be doing a lot more giveaway love in the future!!! 

SO here it is!!!
YAY I am so excited just typing this : ) 
entry ONE
--you must be a follower--
(this is a thank you for following me)
tell me your favorite 
post of mine
your favorite color

winner will be announced 
next Friday...June 17

love you ALL


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tys BOOK continued


I seriously start to tear up a bit when I look at Tys first bath picture.
When did he get so big??? I know he is only six months now and when he is like
18 or 30 I probably really will bawl my eyes out when I look at these pictures....
but time really does fly by so fast. I cherish every precious moment of ours together....
my little Tyger man is growing up so fast...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tys scrapbook in the making

I am in no way a scrapbooker..but here is what I have of Ty's baby book so far..
It has a lot of work left to be done. I need to make a cover...I want to 
put ribbon on the rings...and obviously a lot more pages to do.
I haven't been doing them entirely in order, like I still need to do the 
family at the hospital...grandmas/grandpas.... BUT
As for now here is what I got. You know ill post more as I get errr done!!


xoxoxoxo did i live with out you?

 I seriously don't know how to express my love for pinterest.
I hated bookmarking...No pictures, no organization.
I also don't think Jayson liked me having a million things on the list....
making it hard for him to find his stuff.
No worries now...
I am able to pin all my favorites..
organize them into boards..
see what friends are pinning...
get even more inspiration ...

anyway....can you tell I am on a diet???
obviously all my favorites this week are food!
but they are all so colorful......look yummy....... and fun for summer.
The rice krispy strawberry delight TOTALLY caught my eye,
the frosting looks so pretty and im a sucker for all things strawberry.

SERIOUSLY when I look at the sandwich cookies I cant help but smile.
They are so colorful...also seem pretty easy to make.

The raspberry lemonade slushy...REALLY...need I say more.
Three ingredients..makes life so easy:)

The frozen strawberry squares make my mouth water..
again with the strawberries...gotta love em!

ok so normally I'm not a fan of peeps, but how could you not 
love these colorful smores. They look so fun..
great way to brighten up a camping trip.

last but not least Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Cookies. Holy yummy.
Everything about these look and sounds amazing.