Tuesday, January 21, 2014


While on Christmas vacation we spent a lot of time with Jaysons family. We had a blast bowling. The first game was fun. I got a 99..I thought I was awesome. The kids rode the horses over and over and over. The second game...yeah I bowled like a 70 and the kids were tired. Ha but it was still fun. It was fun to see Jayson and his brothers competitive sides come out. Although I am ridiculously bad at it I really enjoy bowling a lot!


Christmas Day

Trains, dolls, books and boots... Christmas was full of fun new things. The best part was hanging out with our crazy family tho. Christmas Eve Ty was bouncing off the walls. The kids got to open their PJs and we all watched the Polar Express. Christmas morning was magic, pure magic.

I saw a quote that said

"I thought being a kid on Christmas was the best, turns out having kids is."

Im sure I saw it on pinterest or facebook but I couldn't agree more. I love my babies so much and I loved seeing them light up with the magic of Christmas.