Thursday, October 13, 2011

BLue Zebra Tie with SPENDERS!

My good fiend Whitney wanted to make some spenders like the ones I made Ty. So she came over with her cute little baby Jackson and we got to sewing! 

OK, These spenders look WAY better than the last ones I did. This one doesn't have the overlapped pieces on the top....WAY WAY better!!!

 She picked out the material and I totally fell in love with it! I looked in my huge stash of thread and had a blue to match perfect!!  You could use the same TUTORIAL I posted but don't do the overlapping....Like I said before it looks SOOOOO much better this way!!
Some close ups!

 Jackson and Ty played so good together while we were sewing! We also had some help from our sister!! Thanks dolls!
 Can you believe they are only two weeks apart. My Tyger man looks sooo big next to baby Jackson. Haha
Whitney and Jackson
Had so much fun! Thanks for the girls day:)

So I often wondered (still being pretty new to blogging) how or who shared buttons. My friend at For the Love of A cupcake
had a post about sharing buttons....I thought it was a great idea....So if you would like to swap buttons with me please let me know. you can comment here or email me at

thanks ladies!