Monday, December 12, 2011 many push ups can you do??


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I started Motivate me Monday as a way to share my passion with others. HERE is my very first post. I was so excited to post work outs and share my journey on becoming a healthier me. I got such a great response to it. Women would comment or email me cheering me on! It was wonderful. I soon had the idea to make it a link up so others could join in and share their journey as well. It has been such a blessing to me and I have met and got to know some wonderful ladies. My two favorites would be my co hosts Amanda and Whitney. These women are truly sincere and great motivators. I just wanted to tell them publicly thank you for helping me with MMM and making it a great experience for me. I also want to thank all of you who take a few extra minutes out of your day to read and participate in this journey. I love when women come together and lean on each other for help and encouragement and I hope that MMM has helped you in some way as it has me. I truly feel like it has been a success thus far and hope for it to only get more successful.

Ok enough mushy stuff. 
On to the sweat and pain

Last week..Do you remember what the challenge was??? Did you try it out??? It was to see how many push ups you could do at once..and to try to up that number by the end of the week. 
I cant say I am super impressed with my number. I started at the beginning of the week and I had Jayson watch me to make sure I was doing REAL MAN push ups. I started off strong...I got to ten and my arms started shaking. and I could tell my face had veins bulging. I pushed through with encouragement from Jayson to do five more. That's right my Monday number was fifteen. I made it a personal challenge to more each day even if it was only by one. 

And Sunday I rested from my labors...hehe:)

I felt pretty good with my accomplishments. I definitely think I can do more. When I do push ups I always pretend there is a drill Sargent over me yelling and if I don't do how many I was hoping he would make me start over. I often think of the Pauly Shore movie "in the army now" and him saying "one drill sargent, two drill sargent" hehe

Was it just me...or did any of you have a crush on Pauly growing up?? weird? I thought he was extremely hilarious and not to bad looking..

Anyways so I think I will make it a goal to increase my number each week on push ups. I don't think I will primarily focus on just doing push ups but will work out and make sure to get plenty of strength training in and maybe on Saturdays see how many I can do and try to up my previous number. 

I hope you all are taking each challenge and even after the week is done still remembering and working on doing better. 

This week well do I have to say it???? I am ashamed of my Christmas treat eatings. I have had TONS of emails from ladies who are struggling with this same thing this time of year. I have been punishing myself time and time again to do better...but I think there is going to be a better way to go about this. Lets limit ourselves. It's not possible to skip every holiday treat. It's just not fun at all... hehe

So I am going to limit myself to a REASONABLE portion....NOT a bowl or plate full of something but a few bites of whatever my neighbors or mom/mother inlaw bake that is absolutely mouth watering to even look at. I will limit it to the portion and not every day. If I have something one day I will just have to pass the next. 

 I think it would be fun to think up some healthier holiday treat ideas! One of our first challenges was to share a healthy recipe and we had a lot of participation. I would love everyone to share one they already know or to think up a new healthy holiday treat that we can eat and not feel guilty at the gym for the rest of the week. 
Speaking of the gym...I did so much better working out this week!! I hit the gym twice on Monday Tuesday and Thursday. Going in the morning and then again at night with Jayson. Wednesday and Friday I worked out at home. I am finding new fun ways to burn the calories at home.
If you work out at home please link up some fun ideas on MMM.
Please remember if you dont do the challenges we would still love to hear from you. Anything that is health or fitness related!