Friday, February 25, 2011

freezer paper crazy!

SO here is all the new fun shirts I made for my little dude.
I had no idea what freezer paper even was tell I
started blog stalking.. surfing!
Its something so fun and easy to do even if you
are creatively challenged like myself...

first things first get some
totally got the roll of 150ft for 5bucks at
walmart :)

Then pick out something you want to put on your project.
All I have done are onesies, but I have seen pillows,
purses, pj can use your imagination...

I always draw these silly half fish looking shark things...
Jayson thinks they are so funny... 
So I thought I would put one on
a onesie and try it out!!

 You can use a printed out stencil...
I don't have a printer so I am forced 
to free hand, SCARY!

Take your freezer paper shiny side down and
cut out your stencil with an x-acto knife:)

Once you have your stencil cut out... Place it where you
want and iron it SHINY side down!!

Shiny side will stick to your iron...
( creatively challenged me learned that the hard way)

Make sure it is on
good with no lifting on the edges. 

Start painting.

Once you let it dry rip it off.

Yay you did it:)

No freezer paper....?
You can still have fun.

Take random things from around your house
in the shape of circles..

Here I have a soda cap, milk cap, hair spray lid and cup.

Dip them in fabric paint and press them on your onesie.

Last week I made one like this...same idea...
I used the end of a paper towel roll..
then made the
circles into peace signs

Last idea

Take a pencil eraser and dip it into your paint
then just out line it.. :)

Put them on your cute baby
like my Ty here:)

Hope I didn't bore you and you got an idea or two:)
let me know what you think!!!