Saturday, September 22, 2012

Somethig about Ty

Something about Ty has been melting my heart lately. (even more so than normal).

 I don't know if its the way he runs into my room every morning and wakes me up. I don't know if its the way he smiles. Or the way he gives me hugs and kisses.
I don't know...

But him and me...well I realized that we spend 24/7 together.
He is always at my side. 
following me around. 

Most toddlers like TV or movies.
My little man wont pay attention for more than five minutes.
Rather he likes to be at my side.
Helping me with whatever my task at the moment is. 
Cleaning. Sewing. Cooking. Lounging. 
even putting on my make-up 
Ty wants to help out and stick by my side. 

He always wants me to play with him.
If he is building blocks, I need to participate. 
If he is making car noises while driving his little toy cars 
around the house, he expects me to join in the fun.

Yeah, him and me.
were pals.

Ty, don't ever forget I love you. Don't ever forget 
I need you. Don't ever forget I will always be your pal 
whenever you need me. 
love mama

button swap...?

I still just offer button swaps.
Anyone want to swap for October? 

You don't have to have a certain amount of

I am looking into paid sponsorship in the future 
but am terrified. So this may be the last few months 
of only swaps available.

I have never paid or charged for ad space.
any advice on how to start?

--My button still says "Me and My Boys"--
So I wont do switches tell October when I have a new one. 

If you are interested 
E-Mail me.