Wednesday, September 4, 2013

DIY pillow dolls

For Embers birthday this year I made her some pillow dolls. I actually got the idea from church dolls...basically the same thing but much much smaller. I though this would be a fun way to throw pillows in her crib or to take on road trips.

Excuse the crappy phone pictures but I wasn't planning on doing a full tutorial. Here is the run down though. Measure out any size you want for the body. See how my guy doll and girl doll are different sizes... yeah that is because that just happened to be the scrap sized I had on hand. Then use muslin fabric for the face. Measure out the same width but make the height smaller, obviously. Just whatever looks good to you. Then I took some felt and cut out hair. Spray it on with basting spray just so it wont move around when you sew it. I used quilting floss to sew on the hair, face and cheeks. Use a fabric pen with disappearing ink to draw on the face. I also used it to draw on where I wanted the cheeks. I used flannel for the girl cheeks and after she was done quickly realized felt is way better.....doesn't frey. So Mr. Sleep has nice felt cheeks. Miss Sleepy needed a bow to make her a little more girly. So I went to Embers stash and found a cute pink one. Then sew on your back piece inside out.... all but one inch. Then flip it right side in and stuff it.

I was all out of Polly fill and because I decided to make these with 100% already on hand materials I took out some of my quilt bat and pulled it to shreds. Then had my little man help me out. Pulled it nice and loose then stuffed it in and sewed the hole back up.

Ty actually loves them as much as Ember. They were both originally for Ember but I think Ty will keep the Mr.

Sorry for the terrible tutorial. If you have any questions on how to make them I would love to answer, just email me!  

They are soft, simple and sweet! I think they are perfect for a wide range of ages and look adorable in the crib.

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