Sunday, October 30, 2011

Motivate Me Monday link up #2


Welcome back to MMM. Our SECOND link up!
To learn more about MMM go HERE.
Thanks to all who entered last week:) You guys rock...
I LOVED reading all your stories and getting to know you better!

Last week we asked you to share with us a healthy recipe. 
One that wont make us break the diet, but is still super delicious. 

I saw this amazingly super delicious healthy 
ice cream recipe here
I thought healthy ice cream, yeah right...but its main
ingredient is BANANAS!
O and how I LOVE bananas!!! 
SO here it is...
 Bananas, peanut butter and Cocoa powder.
That's all this wonderful creation will take!
Peel and slice the bananas into small chunks.
Spread on a tray and freeze overnight or for at least 4 hours.
 Put frozen banana slices in your blender or food processor and mix tell its smooth. At first it will have a gravel like consistency, but don't worry it will work!
 add a scoop of peanut butter
scoop of cocoa powder then blend it all up..
this is what it will look like RIGHT after,
if you want it smooth like a pudding eat right away.
for a scoopable ice cream like texture freeze for two more hours

 and enjoy

I seriously LOVE it and don't feel bad about eating it one little bit.

This month I actually haven't had any Halloween candy, however there has been to many delicious fall meals full of fatty ingredients I'm sure. Cheesy Potatoes. Thick soups. Chili. ... AND I usually treat myself with dessert one day of the week but I had some Saturday and Sunday. I'm sure your thinking that's no big deal...but I'm the girl who eats one piece of cake and her butt giggles all week....seriously I have no metabolism. SO I will be sure to work harder at the gym this week. I went Mon-Thur last week. I couldn't find any ambition Friday morning so I slept in with Ty. It was really nice to not wake up at 5. but the rest of my day kinda dragged. Just didn't feel right.

actually I'm off to the gym right now...

Try to get there today, or do some form of workouts!

Treat your body with respect. Don't fill it with crap....
Take care of it...
 So the other day I went shopping because we were TOTALLY out of food and my cashier looks at me and says
"honey your a health freak" haha although she called
me a FREAK i totally took it as a compliment...
But I have to only get healthy things or duh I WILL EAT CRAP. Only buy healthy foods....that way when you get home and have a craving for something you really shouldn't have...
When I get tempted to eat something I know I will regret 
I think back to the last time I went to the gym and the 
sweat pouring down my face...and imagining that it was all 
for helps...

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Lets start talking serious shall we?
I want to know what your favorite muscle or 
(area of you body) is your favorite to work out??

Why is it your favorite?
What work outs are you using to train that area???

Friday, October 28, 2011


BUTTON BUTTON who wants to 

I have been having fun trading buttons with a few lovely ladies.
It's fun and free. 
If you want to swap with me EMAIL ME!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

O how pinteresting...and what im loving!!

Hey ladies today I'm linkin up with The Vintage Apple 
for O how pinteresting..
and with This kind of love for What I'm Loving Wednesday.

all photos via pinterest


This is my first time linking up with what I'm loving...
and I'm loving how excited I am!! hehe

I am loving that I started Tys Christmas present last night!!
hopefully when I'm done it will look half as cute as this one from 

I'm loving that Jayson and I are almost done with our latest project, now i have to decide what to put on it...any suggestions...LOVE...Mr. Mrs. ????

I'm loving that my baby boy is starting to walk

Last but not least....I'm LOVING THAT ITS ALMOST HALLOWEEN!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tell me Tuesday #19


Welcome welcome. Tell Me Tuesday ROCKED my socks last week! Thanks for all the fabulous link ups! You seriously make my day when you link up!

What have I been up to?? Well I promise I have been uber busy with crafty things...but I have a problem, all my project that I am currently working on are family Christmas presents....and my family obviously reads my blog(or at least I hope they do) and I don't want them to see what I am making them. SOOOO I may just have to throw in some random projects so things don't get to boring around here. BUT after Christmas I will have SO much to share with you!!! I PROMISE!!

GUESS WHAT!!!???!!!?!?!?!

MOTIVATE ME MONDAY was not a failure yesterday! we actually had SEVEN link ups! THANK YOU LADIES! If you want to know more and want to get healthy, fit, strong..and challenge yourself to do something new each week...then follow along and link up with me on Mondays!!

OK...SO HERE are a few fun Halloween link ups:)

If your new and want to party please:
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and have lots of fun! 
love ya all

Motivate Me Monday...COME LINK UP!

So our first link up! YES:) this is so exciting...
You can link up here with me every Monday
or with my co-hosts:
 Amanda and Whitney !
Please check out their blogs and follow along.

(the next weeks challenge will always be after the link the VERY don't miss it!)
Last week we challenged you to write about how fitness ties into your life. 
WELL.....I guess you could say fitness and me...we go way back.
Except I always wanted to be skinny...
I always was SO self conscious of my weight.
Weighing myself EVERY morning...sometimes 2 or 3 times a day..
CRAZY right? well I didn't think so....

Although I am still guilty of weighing myself more than I probably should...
Rather than being bone skinny I WANT TO BE FIT...HEALTHY...STRONG! 

Strong is my new skinny...and I'm bringin sexy back!! hehe

I have started working out as a passion. No longer because I need to burn off lunch calories or yesterdays snack...but because it makes me happy. 
I finally figured out that...

MY responsibility...for myself..nobody was going to motivate me...I had to make it a habit, a passion!
Why settle for less??? Your body is one thing you have control over...
You control if you take the stairs or the control if you eat the salad or the burger.

So here I am....Not in the best shape ever...Not someone who is going to be on fitness magazine anytime soon....but I know that fitness is my responsibility....and I am making small changes every single day to be better...and if I mess up or slack off I start hard the next day....NEVER GIVING UP!

NEVER LOSE MOTIVATION! I hope this link up helps us help each other...hehe.
I hope you have fun....share quotes/make your own quotes...
Do the challenges and let us know how they went!!! 
I LOVE YOU ALL and hope fitness and your own personal health becomes a priority in your life...

to join the Motivation link up PLEASE
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NEXT WEEKS CHALLENGE....we would like for you to share with us a healthy recipe...Can be anything you like breakfast, lunch, long as it's the healthy version!!! REMEMBER... You can always share your own things as well...If you want to vent about your week and how the challenge was hard, or how you totally kicked it!!
Also if you have ideas for challenges through out the week and want us all to work on it with you so you are not alone....please email me your ideas or questions!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Break

We had to say goodbye to the last of our tomatoes...thats right..this was our last batch and now they are gone...the snow killed them:( I don't even know what to do with myself. Our garden was like my second child...I loved to take care of it and go out and pick the tomatoes/carrots/peppers/zucchini/cilantro/cucumbers... But it was a good first time gardening adventure. Its safe to say I am an addict. I look forward to planting next year. I actually have drawn out our garden plots and made sketches of what plants need to go where and how many to plant!!!! I AM THAT EXCITED!:)
Ty and I had to go to Papa Stans pumpkin patch and find him a baby pumpkin. This is one of the MANY reasons I really enjoyed growing up on the farm....I have so many awesome memories going out to pick pumpkins. I also remember having about a million on our front lawn for sale and people would stop and pick out their favorite!!! SO FUN!
It was a bit chilly, but Ty fit right inside my jacket! So we got to cuddle most of the time.
Aunt Missy knew excatally where the baby pumpkins were....We could have been there all day looking in that huge pumpkin patch...but she helped us out and I ended up getting one for Ty and a bunch to decorate with. Thanks Aunt Missy!
I think this picture of Ty and Aunt Heather was actually taken while I was off looking for Ty the perfect bigger pumpkin to carve! Heather lives close to us in Cedar City so she is like my nanny....She watches Ty when Jayson and I go to institute or the gym! So she is SOOOO good with the Tyger!
I think Ty was trying to eat his little pumpkin...hehe what a silly dude.

Over the Fall Break we went down to spend time with my family. It was Papa Stans birthday and we also wanted to take family pictures! I think they turned out soooo awesome!

We had so much fun and I always love new pictures!!!

We also went to red rock...another reason I LOVE going home. It was such perfect weather and the rocks are sooooo beautiful!

My little baby...HE IS WALKING! So crazy. It was so amazing..Will always be a day to remember!