Saturday, January 12, 2013


Ember is rolling belly to back and now back to belly. 
I was shocked when I laid her on her back, went to the bathroom and
came back to find her on her belly!!! 
So exciting. 
too fast though. 

I find myself sometimes thinking I wish she was newborn again and that she is growing to fast. 
I often think that about Ty as well...Wishing he was as tiny as Ember. 

I told Jayson that we need to slow them down...
he giggled and said..but if Ty were a newborn we wouldn't have Ember
and if Ember were a newborn she wouldn't smile at us like she does. 

OK, Ill let them grow up. but im soaking in every snuggle, every smile, ever hug and kiss, every roll.
All the chubby cheeks, and tiny hands, little sneezes and baby hiccups. 

They are my treasures. I will hold it all in. Take as many pictures and write as many memories as I can.
Ty is talking a lot more now. 
and he is saying some pretty funny things. 

He calls eggos "wawas" 
His binki "gungu"
Toilet is either "ewies or pee pee"
chocolate chip is "lolo"
fruit snacks he makes a chewing noise

Jayson "Ty did you sleep good?"
Ty "Yea"
Jayson "What did you dream about?"
Ty "milk"
Jayson "was it chocolate?"
Ty "Yea"

So not the longest conversation...
but it was hilarious listening to this while all four of us lay in bed waking up early in the morning.  
I laid there thinking man...he understands everything we say. 
If I ask him to get something he knows exactly what it is and where to find it. 

just so fast...
and so precious.