Friday, September 6, 2013

Man time

What happens when your 2 years old and your dump truck breaks?!

Simple. You wait for daddy to get home and ask him to pull out his tools.

Pick out what ones look the best and get to work.

Busy, busy, busy...I love to watch my men work.

Watch and learn little man, daddy will teach you well.

Those little hands melt my heart.

I think its so important for the kids to get time with both of us and time one on one. Jayson and I call his and Ty time "man time". Even if its as simple as taking the trash out, its still bonding. With Jayson back in school and studying so much Ty is stuck at home with us girls all day. So when Jayson gets home he makes a real effort to do things with Ty. Play blocks, cars, tool....whatever Ty wants. As long as me and Ember are rocking in the chair and not disturbing "man time". Ty is always happier, plus he talks about it all day. "Mommy, Daddy and I build blocks" "Mommy, Daddy and I fix my dump truck" "Mommy, Daddy and I play doctor". Totally random and totally adorable.