Saturday, October 6, 2012

all alone

Hi, My name is Ashely
Sometimes I need a small break.
What girl doesn't.
I love my babies and hubs more than ANYTHING.
but some alone time is needed to stay sane.

Anyone who tells you otherwise in my mind is a liar.

I thought of this on my way to the store the other day. 
I was all alone. Jayson was kind enough to watch the kiddos while I went out for milk and bread.

I think he could tell I needed to get out and clear my head.

What was the first thing I did when I got in my car you ask??

I turned on the music so loud the car was shaking.
-well maybe that's a stretch of the truth-
but nevertheless it was loud.

What was I bumpin you ask???

Yes, a little techno.

It was fun...

but when I got home and Ty threw his arms around me I remembered listening to the Gigglebellies in the car is way cooler than blastin techno.

When The kids are asleep and I'm alone guess what else I do???

I sleep.

That's right. 
I'm lame. 

but to stay sane...I feel for me its necessary. 

What else???!!

I sometimes eat candy...Candy I know Ty would want...and if he were awake would beg and scream for it.
I eat it and know I don't have to share.


I also pee alone. 
Weird. Do your kids just walk in on you when you are going potty. haha
Ty sure likes too...