Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Shootin

This is where I grew up! It's perfect! I miss it so much.... but we only live 2 hours away so we get to visit often. When we went down for the Hardy Christmas Party.... after it was over we came home and hung out with some family we don't get to see too often. My dads cousin and his family:) They pretty much rock:) We had so much fun riding horses, going skeet shooting and driving around on the rhinos. Here is a picture overload of our day!!!

-This is my dad! Stud right....yupp

-Some of the Smith kids. LOVE them all...

-Nelly helpin Grace ride the calf and mom helpin Ty.

-Russ and Lori:) Cutest couple ever.

-My family... :)

-Megan rockin her mad ropin skills!!

-This is Grace....Don't you just want to keep her...ah she is SOOOOO CUTE!!!

-Ty was not into much of the activities haha so we played in the rocks and walked around a bit!

-Pretty sure Heather is beautiful....nuff said!!

-Thats Trent or Tanner driving, I'm not sure, they are pretty identical twins. hehe needless to say they are BOTH darling!!

-The ladies strinkin a pose on the tractor.

-This is where we like to go shooting...It's so pretty!  :)

-Dad teachin the kiddos how to shoot!!

-Dad throwin the skeet for Russel..He was a pretty sure shot!

-Sittin in the back of the truck watchin every one shoot....waiting for their turn!!

-Dad is amazing...I don't think I have ever seen him miss a shot.

 -O yeah that is my sexy beast of a husband! He is a wicked shot as well!!

-Me and Missy showin the men how it is really done...haha

-Heather and I were not blessed with the ability to close one eye at a time. Seriously....We just cant do it...So from time to time dad holds our eye shut for us!!

-Mom and Tyger came too!! Tyger ran around... I didn't get any pictures of mom shootin...don't let that sweater fool you... she can shoot anything.

-Ty also played in the back of the truck!! Just being adorable..

Well thats all...Thanks Smith family for the fun time....I hope we can play again soon!!! :)