Saturday, July 16, 2011

BUTTON botton who wants a designer blog button?

Meet Lauren. She is kinda a babe right? 
Yes, I know she is! 
well she agreed to do an amazing giveaway here on
Me and my boys:)

That's right Lauren is going to make one of you a button!

Does she have talent?? 
Is she any good at button making you ask?
She works over at
Custom Blog Design
and rather than tooting her horn....
let me just show you some of her work!!

mine are my favorite of course!

these are just a few of the buttons she
has designed for lovely blogs.

your button can be for your main blog page, giveaway, feature, whatever
your little heart desires.
button+html code provided

ok, so to enter

Mandatory:  follow Me and my boys
(one entry)

follow designer blogs
(one entry)

like DB on facebook
and twitter
(two entries)