Thursday, November 10, 2011

Is late really better than never?

-Like I said my brain wasnt working the night of Halloween. I left the camera chip at home, so we took all our pictures on my mother in laws camera. I just went and got them today! So here is our Halloween.
-Hope late is better than never.

-I was a ref
-Jayson a football player
-Ty a football

Ty really had no idea what was going on, he also didn't eat any candy...but he loved holding on to it! It was also freezing so I had to have him in pants and a you couldn't really tell his was a football half the time. 

 Half way through the trunk-or-treat I put Ty in the trunk. He loved it... Just crawled around and kept warm while we were handing out candy!

After the party we went back to the Whetmans. Had dessert and watched Clue!!

-I got the idea for the football onesie HERE

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