Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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eating, drinking, wishing, loving
I am Currently 
EATING- healthy healthy healthy. I have been going crazy with healthy snack ideas on pinterest! 
DRINKING- Water and Diet Coke. That is about all I ever drink.
WISHING- For more good weather.
LOVING- That Jayson and I got a new TV. It was quite a story. To make it short we ordered a new 42" LCD from Wal mart. We did site to store and had to go pick it up in Hurricane. (about 45 min away from us) No big deal but my brother in law was driving through so he stopped to pick it up for us. When he brought it back it was oddly not in a box. I was like "uh what????" Called the store in Hurricane and talked to customer service. I guess they sold our TV so they gave us the display model...uh what??? Pretty sure those things run 24hrs a day and she said it had been on display for a year. They also forgot to send the remote and the manuals. I was pretty frustrated to say the least. I asked if we could return it to our local Wal Mart and they said yes. Jayson and I went down to return it. Before to long we had three managers around trying to figure out the problem. They felt so bad and were mad that it happened. So to sum this long story up....They hooked us up with a bigger nicer way cooler TV for no extra charge. Now we have a 46" LED with internet connection. Yup, definitely loving that!


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