Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cutest Push Pins EVER!!

 Don't these look darling! 
YAY I love them:)
I have seen tutorials all over blog land for them and I thought I 
would give them a try.
 I didn't redo a tutorial, because I lacked the energy and ambition today.
However its pretty easy....
 Get the clear rocks at any craft store really....
I got mine at Roberts. 
Pick what you want behind the rocks and just mod podge it on!
I have seen tons of magnent ones, but I wanted to try push pins.... 
Just super glue the pins to the back!
I wanted to use the alphabet...
I thought it would be cute and fun :)
My sister Lauren actually picked out these stickers!!

and basically she is the bomb dig..she is a designer over at Designer Blogs. She totally did my whole blog!!!
SO as a thank you!!! I wanted to give her these, since she liked them so much!!
and since  I think everything looks cute in jars...
I put them in a jar with a little bow!
Hope she likes em!!! 

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