Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pinteresting Wednesday


Did I mention Jayson and I are expecting a 
sweet baby girl??

  Ember Nicole Whetman

We are very excited! I can't believe it still.. 
I have actually been a little pin-crazy lately so I thought
 I would share some of the board dedicated to her.

One thing I am seriously looking forward to with having a girl!

She of course will have a sweet pink room

ah I love this diaper cover...want want want! 

So beautiful...I want one for me too..

She will still sport the sporty side!!

I made Ty one just like this (but brown obviously) 
I will make him a new, bigger one and put them in matching football onesies! 

Yes, Jayson is a packers freak err fan..
and yes, if they go to the super bowl..she will have something similar to this.

LOVE...simple and pretty and I think I may actually be able to pull it off!

maybe, so cute...but Jays thinks its a little weird..
ha we will see..i like it!

What do you think??
If you have a pin board with lots of cute
 little girly things let me know so I can follow you!!