Friday, January 24, 2014

Trains and things

I love being a mother. I love watching my babies grow and find their own interests. Ty and his trains has my heart. He loves watching them go round and round. He loves building new tracks and ways for them to cross. His whole face lights up when we play trains. It's like he is in his own world. 

The best thing is being a mother of siblings. The joy I feel while watching them play together overwhelms me. They are siblings so naturally they have their moments. Ty will take her toys and run away laughing. Or Ember will walk through Tys train set and think she is funny. (Causing her new nickname to be Ember-Zilla) But still they laugh together... They want chocolate milk together and they love sitting next to each other for an episode of Daniel Tigers Neighborhood. She holds her dolls and caterpillars and he has Thomas in one hand and a toy hammer in the other.

Eat together, play together, bath together, cry together and sometimes when Im lucky nap together.

The love I have for my children is endless and the love I see they have for each other is beautiful!

Having one child is hard. I remember while being pregnant saying " I have never been so happy to be so miserable" With that being said I keep feeling like its time for us to have another baby. Is that because half my friends are pregnant? Or my sister is.... My sister in law might be soon? Is it because Ember is getting older and I don't want the age gap to be to big??

I want to have a baby because its the right time for my family. Not because I am "baby hungry" Not because I am seeing all these adorable new babies blowing up my instagram feed. Or because holding my new niece Macie over the Christmas break made me want to steal her in the night... (kidding. kinda). I want it to be right. But how do you know when that is?

Making all things in life a matter of prayer. Maybe it will be next month, maybe in a few months, maybe next year. All I know is my life is good and I love my babies with my whole heart. I know I want more..lots more. But I also know I have time and I know I need to wait for the right time.