Monday, August 1, 2011

Tell me Tuesday #7

 HEY LADIES!!! Welcome to my favorite day of the week in Blogerville!!:)
so let me share with you a few things real fast...
 A few things we picked out of our garden!!!! yay I think I need to get cookin:)
 My bother in law Jordan returned home from his mission this week and his homecoming was Sunday...Gathering lots of family....We were able to snatch a shot of the whole Whetman gang minus Jared who is serving his mission currently in Kentucky.
Jordan picked us girls up some jewelery from the Philippines...That I happen to TOTALLY LOVE!
 We also snapped a shot of the Whetman sisters together...It will be a long time before we are all together again.

 SO ANYWHO...Thanks to all you lovely ladies who linked up last week. I love ya all... So many fun things...I want to spot light a few of my favorites.
Quiet Book
  Such a cute Quiet book cover for little girls. Looks like a purse...
pieced jersey dresses 
did a wonderful job on a dress for her little girl.
Organize Your Vitamins 
Totally in love with the idea of putting your vitamins in pretty jars.
Purse Size Tissue Holder
So darling. Totally wishing I had one of these
Driftwood Shelf
Aw sooo pretty and FREE!!! 

Ok Lets see what you have been up to this week!!!:) 

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capri sun bag tutorial

Wanna make one of these bad boys???
  •  2 boxes of capri suns
  • sewing machine and thread 
  • scissors
    Start off by taking your capri suns and cut them on the bottom. Then put them in the dish washer and let them get really clean. Otherwise they will be extremely sticky... 
     Set them out to air off.
     To start take two capri suns and line them up side by side...overlapping about 1/4 inch. Set your machine to the zig zag stitch and sew straight down. MAKE SURE TO BACK STITCH!
    Sew them that same way tell you have three across. Make three columns. Like in picture
    Take columns and sew them together. This will make one side of the purse. Repeat and make one more side identical.

    Next you will want to make the bottom of the bag. This doesn't really have measurements....what you do is take your front and back pieces and make a bottom piece the same size. I used two full pouches and cut the middle one to size.
    Even if the sides are a little longer.... I like that better because you will be able to cut the remainder off after you sew sides together.
     Sew one side together. With the zig zag stitch still.
    Then connect the other side. Now you should have something that looks like this.  Once this is completed then I take my scissors and trim off the longer edges of the bottom.
    Here is the standing up view of the bottom sewed to the front and back.
    Now you are going to make the sides of the purse. You will sew three capri suns together with the stitch on the top. Like in picture. You will make two sets of these....One for both sides of your bag.
    Connect one side to the bottom of the bag. Then the other.
    Now you will have the bag all assembled....We need to add some straps. You can make these as long or short as you like. What you do is the same as the sides. Take your capri suns and sew them with a stitch on the top..
     Then you will take the five capri suns sewed together and fold them in half. Once folded in half make a stitch all the way down the side.
    Once the straps are sewn together you will want to attach them to the bag. I placed the straps on the inside of the bag and did a zig zag stitch straight across the strap.

    I love it!! 
    hope you liked it :)
    if you have any questions just ask!