Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I got it from my mama-WW

-isnt this headband pretty?! my lovely mother made it for me.
thanks mama!

-what do you think of my picture signatures??

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O how pinteresting and What I'm loving

Today I am linking up with two great parties. What I'm Loving and O how pinteresting.

Lets start with what I'm loving today...

Ty got his very first pair of shoes. WELL we bought him some before he was born 
but his feet were never small enough for them.
-note to self, don't buy shoes tell after baby is born.

Tys Christmas present is almost done. :)
His one of many I am working on. This project has so much 
detail and work that goes into it. 
I can't wait to show you when it is finally complete...
Also is it bad he watches me make it and even played on it today??
He is a baby, so it's ok right?

It snowed all day so I was stuck in the house. 
I felt a good chick flick was necessary...
I ended up watching The Holiday! SOOOO GOOD!:)

I hate the snow...HATE. I am the worst snow driver ever...
You know the lady you yell at for driving 5mph. 
Well don't hate me because I am having a small panic attack inside my car thinking
I am going to die at any minute.  HOWEVER Ty looks so cute in sweaters...It will help me get through this long awful snowy season. 

well that's PINTERESTING...

-love you
all photos are via pinterest
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what are you loving/pinning??