Tuesday, June 25, 2013

10 months baby girl

Embers shirt is from a dollar store. I was in searching for water guns and couldn't believe it was there! I knew it would be adorable on. The rest of her outfit is from walwart. Her shoes are a recent buy. I die they are so cute!

Ember is growing so much. At nine months she is now....

-crawling at top speeds.

-pulling herself up on everything.

-walking the sides of the wall, couch and coffee table.

-cut two teeth. They are totally adorable and sharp. 

-has the cutest neck roll in the world. 

-wanting to be snuggled to sleep and held as much as possible. 

-feeding herself cheerios, fruit loops, noodles and fruit. 

-says mama and dada. 

-makes the saddest/cutest face when she doesn't get what she wants.  

-tries to stand on her own. 

-LOVES her brother. 

-laughs tell she has to catch her breath.

-loves to flap her hands and hit things to make noises. 

-can't fall asleep with out her caterpillar.

-makes us so happy.