Monday, November 14, 2011

MMM..Did you get out of your comfort zone?


Hey there! 
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My week went pretty good! I was able to hit the gym 4 times. I also went to black light Zumba on Tuesday and Thursday!
I ate OK, but I feel like I could be doing way better. I think ill keep a food journal this week and share with you next MMM... Hopefully knowing that I will share will keep me on track! I also think I am not drinking enough water. By mid day I have been feeling very dehydrated. I defiantly need to keep better track of how I am doing. 
-Soda...eesh. I AM TRYING. I am SO absolutely addicted to Diet Coke. I have with-drawls. I don't know if I will ever be able to stop. Right now I want to set realistic goals to help.
-Do you drink soda??? Have you tried to stop?? How did it go for you?? I NEED HELP!!! 

-Last weeks challenge was to get out of our comfort zone! I did Black Light Zumba:) Freakin LOVE IT!
Yes, I think we should all step out of our comfort zones more often! I will be a dedicated zumba girl!
I was a cheerleader and dancer in high school so it really just brought back so many memories. I felt like I was 17 again. Ha or like I was at a school dance. (but with no boys) haha.

I usually wouldn't go with my hair down, but I was so SO SO excited that I forget a hair-tie. I totally just rocked it hair down. I felt like I was a head-banger with my hair flippin around half the time. When I got home I went to brush it out and had to brush through a full head of snarls. YUCK.

-Did I mention the class is at 9:15...That might not be late to some of you, but this mama was tired...hehe can you tell by my eyes how not awake I am:)
I went with Heather(my baby sis), Jordan and Heather(another Heather) hehe. It was fun, we all went to high school together and live in Cedar now! I definitely recommend going with friends.
 This is why I recommend going with friends. You can get really silly. I was SOOOO tired when I got there, but was good to go once we started messing around before class started.
I was being silly...Yes me, I get silly! Heather snapped a few pictures of me during class. I had to tell people "don't worry it's just for my blog". Haha
<3 these girls! They definitely made my experience a blast! Thanks Ladies!!

 I had a great idea. I want everyone to share something they did well and something they struggled with during the week on every post. This will give me more ideas on what kind of challenges we need to be doing!! 

-NEXT WEEK I challenge you to drink 8glasses of water a day. TRY AND KEEP TRACK! 

-WHAT did you do to get out of your Comfort Zone?

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-Who didn't love Sugar Ray/Mark Mcgrath 

-My older sister was actually the one to introduce me to this magnificent work of art! I was totally obsessed with Sugar Ray for months.

It tends to get stuck in my head from time to time.
I usually don't mind!!! :)

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