Friday, November 30, 2012

ketchup anyone

Needless to say I have been slacking on the blog lately. Honestly though I have enjoyed every minute. I think its ok to go through highs and lows. The last few weeks of minimal posts have been spent enjoying the holiday season, even extra snuggles with my babies, late night baths, way more crafting, painting, dates with the hubby, trips to Logandale and more sleep.

I don't think anyone should ever apologize  for taking a blogging break. Rather just play a little catch up picture post. 

Here are a FEW things we have been enjoying.

We put our tree up and its so beautiful. Jayson and I got married in December and it was actually a wedding of the many from my sweet Grandma. If you ever have a friend getting married in December and don't know what to get them a tree is a way fun and surprising gift!!

 O black Friday!!! I hit up Walmart with Jayson. We got Ty a few things and us a few needed not wanted things. However the real fun is when I went into JoAnns. The receipt in the picture I spent 300dollars and saved over 900...WOOOWH... awesomeness... Most went to my sweet mother, but I splurged a little as well.

This is something I am so excited for I can't even stand it. I saw this post by one of my MOST favorite bloggy friends The little giggler and knew Ember needed one. What do you get a three month old anyway?? Everything she needs (diapers, binkies, clothes, blankets) she has or we buy her anyway, and three month old babies don't have any wants....So I thought it would be so fun to make her first doll. Something sentimental and homemade by mommy. I had so much fun making it. I hope she loves it and wants more....I named her Polly, and I think she will soon need some friends.

 We don't crank the heat in this house...I would say its not freezing but definitely chilly. It doesn't really bother me because I get to keep my kids in cute warm footie pjs in the house. Ember looked so cute in her pink fuzzie ones, and she looked just like one of her stuffed animals, I HAD to snap a little phone picture.

Ty is still potty training. I'm still not pushing it. When he wants to go on the toilet I let him!! He loves it and feels so proud of him self when he is done....SOOOO SOOOO CUTE!!! The only hard thing is when he is done he REALLY does NOT want to put his diaper back on. I have been told we may need to switch to pull-ups...Any thoughts??!

We also went down to Logandale a few days ago...and Uncle Justin and Aunt Missy have some baby goats Ty got to play with. Ty thrives when we go down to the farm. He rides the tractor with Papa Stan and goes on Rhino rides, feeds the animals, plays in the dirt and couldn't be happier. It seriously melts my heart because I though living farther way and him only going down every so often he would be hesitant and scared of the animals and tractors. But he jumps right in like he does it everyday!! Hope that sticks when we move to Colorado and only visit my parents a few times a year.

We also tried to snap a family picture over Thanksgiving. Any advice on how to get a toddler to take a picture?? hahaha good thing he is so dang cute....but seriously can't focus on the camera.

O well!!!