Thursday, March 17, 2011


So this is my brother justin, he just had his 26th birthday!!
Mom made him an awesome cake..she is pretty amazing...i love the
muddy tires:)

scrap pillow

I'm so excited to share this pillow with you! It was so much fun to make and
I am so happy with the way it turned out:)
My sister in law turned I wanted to give her something cute and fun

I cut out two pieces of material the size of the pillow.
I used white because the fabric I had to work with was a lot of
pink and whites.

I cut her name and some stars out of some pink material

placed and pinned them.

I know this looks crazy, but don't ever throw away scraps...
you can do so many fun things with them

I just kept piling them on top of each other

tell I thought it looked cute
after I got them how I wanted them
comes the time consuming part

pinning them

I pin it like crazy

Here is the back and front before I get to sewing!

on the front I outlined her name and the stars.

on the back you could outline it. I have done it before,
but this pillow I used way smaller scraps and
wanted to see what a zig zag stitch
going up and down would look like
I think it turned out pretty cute!!!