Sunday, March 18, 2012

I disappeared, but now I'm back!


This last week was an emotional roller coaster. The beginning of the week started with Ty having a fever of 103...I took him to the doctor and they said he had another virus.. We took him home and he just laid on me for three days..just snuggled and slept. I'm sure part to do with all the medicine we were giving him. 

Then Wednesday night we went to bed and I thought all was fine. I woke up in the middle of the night with terrible pains in my lower back and stomach. I couldn't move with the amount of pain. I tried laying on my sides, back, then I would walk around. Nothing helped I was BAWLING. Jayson didn't know what to do...He couldn't sleep through all the commotion I was making. I found the most comfort in laying down on my side while Jayson massaged my lower back..

I was positive I was having contractions. The pain was coming and leaving like I remembered and I couldn't breath like I remembered. I finally was able to fall asleep after HOURS of pain and tears.. Only to wake up to more cramping. I went to my OB that morning. I knew something was just not right. When I got in they did an ultrasound and a physical exam...My doctor said the baby looked fine with a good strong heart beat.

But he put me on a prescription to prevent a miscarriage and ordered me to stay off my feet. Anyone with a toddler knows this is no small request. Its not like my sweet little Ty can get his own food and change his own diaper. 

So my sweet mother and father came up to check on me...Its safe to say the whole day was full of tears...hearing the words possible miscarriage will shake any pregnant woman up. My little sister and parents really were what got me through the tears that day. Jayson had a full schedule the next few days and couldn't be around much. So Ty and I packed our bags to stay with my parents for a few days...

I was at my parents for two days then Jayson came down and met us there. It was so good to see his face. I missed him so much. The next day after he arrived I went to the bathroom and noticed some spotting. So I freaked out again and we packed our bags to go home. I went to my doctor again the next morning. He just checked the baby and reassured me that the baby looks healthy. Keeping me on my prescription and still recommending me to stay off my feet as much as possible. 

Since then I haven't had anymore spotting thank goodness and the cramping has gone down. I am still being careful...but have to stay off my feet when I can. I look forward to my next doctors appointment. I'm only 18 weeks... so not far along enough to feel kicks. So any chance I get to hear the heart beat is amazing!!

As for my little Ty...he is feeling better! No more fever and he is running around with lots of energy! His smiling face defiantly brings more happiness to me. :)

Thanks for your sweet e-mails wondering where I had disappeared to. I will keep posted better on the progress of me and the baby!!