Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Holy week

This year for Easter and General Conference we decided to make some new traditions and take the week leading up to Easter as Holy week and follow the Saviors last few days leading to the Resurrection. It was overwhelming to begin with until I found the Small Seeds website and how she has all the activities beautifully planned with the matching scripture stories. We really enjoyed it and making new memories/traditions. There was such a wonderful spirit in the home all week that I want to strive to continue.

It was also neat to have this General Conference as a Solemn assembly where we were able to sustain our new prophet President Nelson. We took some time leading up to conference to learn about him and some fun facts. He has 9 daughters and 1 son, was a heart doctor, rides horses and the kids love that he shares the same last name as our cousins!

All dressed up in our Easter best.

The last supper was one of our favorite nights and one I actually got a picture of. Although this is not a traditional Jerusalem dinner the idea was there and the spirit was felt.