Friday, June 10, 2011

!!!ATTENTION FOLLOWERS!!! **my first giveaway**

One thing I absolutely love to do in the summer is paint my nails all different colors!!
Childish?? um maybe a little but its fun.....and who doesn't love seeing a lot of colors!?
 I love blogging and I love my blogger I wanted to do my first giveaway as really more 
of a THANK YOU!!!! 
Thank you for supporting me
Thank you for your sweet comments
Thank you for all the inspiration you give me
Thank you for letting me see into your lives
It is so fun getting to know more of you...I wish we all could live close together and 
have craft fun would that be???!!! here is the giveaway 

Your own little nail polish set!!!
you can paint your nails different colors...
or stick to one... whatever you wish!

I also wish I could give more out....but I promise I 
will be doing a lot more giveaway love in the future!!! 

SO here it is!!!
YAY I am so excited just typing this : ) 
entry ONE
--you must be a follower--
(this is a thank you for following me)
tell me your favorite 
post of mine
your favorite color

winner will be announced 
next Friday...June 17

love you ALL