Friday, May 3, 2013


Day 3 of the the Challenge is "things that make you uncomfortable."

Um. The list may get long. In no particular order.

Seriously when people stand close to me in line. I just want to turn around and yell "breathing down my back is not going to get you done any faster". This most makes me uncomfortable at the grocery store. When all my groceries, toiletries and personal items are out...The weird lady standing behind me staring at everything like she is taking inventory. Awkward and not cool. 

Hearing myself on video.  "Is that really what my voice sounds like?" Then I cry inside.

When people see my laundry.

The dirty scenes. Movies are getting really bad. Jayson and I find ourselves turning off PG-13 movies. Awkward. Geez if there is someone in the room other than me and Jayson I want to crawl under a rock. 

Rude People.  I went on a date once....Before I met Mr. Right. This guy (wont even call him a man) took me to a really nice restaurant. Laughed, exchanged stories, flirted a little. As soon as our waiter came out he was a complete (A) word. I was shocked. When our waiter left this guy started talking to me with no hesitation. Like nothing he had done was wrong. I wish I could say I threw my cup of water in his face. I didn't. However I did tell him I was no longer interested (in probably not the nicest way and I would not dare to repeat now) and left before our food got out.

Salesman. Not in a store. Then I love them. I was one. I love being talked to and helped with finding things. However when they come to my house I get ridiculously uncomfortable. I can't even let them in. If I want the product I will go out and get it. I don't need you to come to me. Making me feel bad by telling me if I don't buy said product you wont get your Las Vegas get away. I really don't feel bad for you. 

Looking at my veins. OR talking about blood. I can't even type about it. I get the MOST uncomfortable ever. If someone starts talking about it I have to leave or go to my happy place. I WILL PASS OUT OR VOMIT. Yes, this made having babies hard. I had a anxiety attack before every appointment. Even worse than getting blood taken is getting an IV. If possible I would prefer to be put asleep for this but I have yet to meet a doctor who would knock me out for an IV.

Being overdressed for something. The only thing worse is being underdressed

TALKING POLITICS My opinion is very different than so many around me. Most of the people I talk to have no interest in what I or anyone else has to say on the matter. What they think is right and you are dumb if you do not agree. I have given up so many times because I am completely shut down. I DO NOT like confrontation. I  just tend to awkwardly leave the room.

  While pregnant if ANYONE other than family touches my belly. Family is fine and encouraged. Strangers stay away. 

Wanting to fix my makeup in a public restroom. I feel conceited but I really do just want to know if I have food in my teeth or my hair is sticking straight up. 

What makes you uncomfortable?