Monday, February 28, 2011

mama and tyger

ahhhh I LOVE him SO much!!!


I saw these HOPE picture frames on HERE!
I fell in love with them:) so I wanted to do them but
to fit my house:) I had no idea what burlap even was tell I
saw her post!! and it totally fits the vibe of my house SOOO
I think I may have to make the pillows like she does HERE!

I got these nasty picture frames at the dollar store..
 they just needed a little paint, so I painted them black!!!
cut my burlap to match the inside of the this case 8.5 by 11 in

Then I drew out the word HOPE
and cut it out on some black fabric:)
It doesn't show it in the picture but I pinned
the letters down...... makes life easier
then sew your letters on to the burlap.
AND I GOT .............
THIS as my final project!
also I didn't keep the glass in
the frames...don't know why I just liked that
look better I suppose:)

SO thanks Humble Homemaker
totally LOVE your blog and creativity

Saturday, February 26, 2011



Friday, February 25, 2011

freezer paper crazy!

SO here is all the new fun shirts I made for my little dude.
I had no idea what freezer paper even was tell I
started blog stalking.. surfing!
Its something so fun and easy to do even if you
are creatively challenged like myself...

first things first get some
totally got the roll of 150ft for 5bucks at
walmart :)

Then pick out something you want to put on your project.
All I have done are onesies, but I have seen pillows,
purses, pj can use your imagination...

I always draw these silly half fish looking shark things...
Jayson thinks they are so funny... 
So I thought I would put one on
a onesie and try it out!!

 You can use a printed out stencil...
I don't have a printer so I am forced 
to free hand, SCARY!

Take your freezer paper shiny side down and
cut out your stencil with an x-acto knife:)

Once you have your stencil cut out... Place it where you
want and iron it SHINY side down!!

Shiny side will stick to your iron...
( creatively challenged me learned that the hard way)

Make sure it is on
good with no lifting on the edges. 

Start painting.

Once you let it dry rip it off.

Yay you did it:)

No freezer paper....?
You can still have fun.

Take random things from around your house
in the shape of circles..

Here I have a soda cap, milk cap, hair spray lid and cup.

Dip them in fabric paint and press them on your onesie.

Last week I made one like this...same idea...
I used the end of a paper towel roll..
then made the
circles into peace signs

Last idea

Take a pencil eraser and dip it into your paint
then just out line it.. :)

Put them on your cute baby
like my Ty here:)

Hope I didn't bore you and you got an idea or two:)
let me know what you think!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tys shirt:)

Here are some pictures of TY in his new freezer paper shirt!


SOOO remember me blanket WELL i finished it!!! yay
i like this pattern way better!! what do you think???

well i wanted the rag side to be the side with
all the pink, BUT i didnt realize i was sewing it on the
white side tell i was about three rows in
and unpicking flannel is so not fun...
so i just went with it and i think it turned out better
this way!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

my first freezer paper stencil

yay!!! it was so fun and so easy:)
i cant wait to put this onesie on TY:)
and to try more!!!!

heathers cakes

my mother is amazing!!!!
Heather wanted a castle cake for her birthday..
she sure got one
and a princess to go with it!!
mom whipped this up and her next task is
Justin a john deere cake for his birthday!
cant wait to see....

Friday, February 18, 2011

picnik rocks

so i heard about this site 
its so cool!!! you can do tons of fun things to your pictures for free
i was up most of the night playin ...
here is a random picture of me and jays
just messin with the color was fun!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

picture frame!!!

I wanted to use the same basic idea as the box:)
started with a blank wood 2 bucks...
used same rocks....we have tons left over.
same paint...just pulled some leafs off a couple flowers
also from our wedding...

what do you think???

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my box project

I wanted something to put my pens and pencils in....they were
in a Kern's jar forever hahhaha! so i got some wood boxes from
walmart and thought i would try and spice them up a little:)

my box

some rocks left over from our wedding

a little paint

o and a glue gun

and whala!!!
so i decided they look cuter on my dresser!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011



everyone always ask me why i call heather my "lil bit"
 well this is one of my most favorite movies
 and on here iggies brother buddy calls her "lil bit"
one day i called heather that and it just kinda stuck...
yuppp thats why!!!
if you have not seen it i suggest you watch it:)

heathers birthday present...
so much fun to make!

heather I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! through all the years and hair colors!
always be my "lil bit"

Happy Valentines to all you bloggers out there! I hope you had an amazing day:) I got to spend the day with my mama and ty~ shopping for all sorts of fun new craft projects, and heather some birthday gifts (she totally got the new sewing machine i want) hehe then we met up with her and dad and went to APPLEBEES!!! yay it was i get to spend the night with my hubby who has promised me a nice back rub for i am gonna call this good for tonight!