Thursday, January 13, 2011

here is to you lauren!

So I think my sister Lauren is about the only person to read my blog...but if by chance you are reading this and you are not Lauren...let me tell you she is a hot mama and best big sister in the whole world!!!

She totally let me borrow her sweet old sewing machine :) I have been having tons of fun working on projects while being home with Ty all day now days!
My new best friend and duh my diet coke!!!

work in progress

not so sure about the pattern, may need to play around a bit more

lots of projects!!! yay:)

SO thanks Lauren for the sewing machine...i kinda love you A TON!!! hehe


  1. He he! Lauren sounds pretty awesome. Love your quilt. Don't unpick it like you do with ALL your other ones.

  2. Come on, Lauren is not your only fan!

  3. I don't think that Lauren is your only fan either... I think that your mother checks out your blog too...
    I love all of your new projects... having a good sewing machine is awesome.. I love my new one.. I don't miss using the pliers everytime I need to raise the foot.. My Red Neck Sewing machine is gone!!

  4. I'm a reader now too! :) Cute pattern for a quilt. I have a quilt which I started about 9 months ago... I am being SO slow with it. I've never made one before so I think it just scared me. lol.


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