Saturday, June 11, 2011

LIttle GIRL gift!

My niece Mercede turned two today!!! We had a fun little birthday party over 
at my in laws house:) Mercade is so darling.... She is the definition of sour and sweet..
One minute she is sticking her tongue out at you and the next giving you a big kiss!!
I love her so much!!! 
I wanted to make her something...and I have been collecting Tys baby food
jars because I knew I could use them for SOMETHING!!!
So anyhow... I got some ribbon/mod podge/paper and made the 
baby food jar a cute gift holder!! 
that I hope can work for holding her little rubber bands/ or whatever 
she wishes!!

Then I needed something to put in the I got out some of my beads 
and made her some bracelets! I think they turned out darling!!!
They are pink and purple//typical girl right!!
I also made one that is pink with stars...but it seems i forgot to take a picture of it..
:( sad is really so cute!
anyway...she got lots of fun things and her party was a great success!!
I think she loved her bracelets!
she kept taking them off/ looking at them, then putting them back on:)
 such a fun gift! and I really think the baby food jars have endless 
possibilities for gifts!!

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ALSO I have been experimenting with a (water mark)??? 
I think that's what they are called...
the Me and my boys label at the bottom of the picture...
well I need some input.
what do you think?

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