Thursday, March 21, 2013


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 Cleaning: Hmmm, I never was much of a "clean freak" tell I had my own home. Now I so often have to tell myself "it doesn't have to be perfect". I seriously clean over and over again all day long, but it really doesn't bother me. I love letting the kids play and make a mess...but I love a clean floor. Something about cleaning relaxes me and something about a clean house makes me happy. I usually let the kids bedroom be messy all day long (tell night time or ten minutes before Jayson gets home from work) then I have a real fast pick up....or in our house we call it a "ten minute rush" --works every time--

Planning:Jayson and my vacation to DISNEY LAND...its in less than ONE MONTH!! I am so excited I could scream..O I already did that! I can't wait...Three days with just Jayson and I/Lots of rides, food, fun o and sleeping all night...No kids will be sad and I will miss them dearly but I will love them even more when I get back and bring them lots of goodies. :)
Any DISNEY advice before we go??!?!

Planting: O this is a very tender subject for me. Last year we had an amazing garden and ate fresh veggies all year long...but we don't have the space anymore...maybe some potted plants this year...I dono. You can see our last years garden here here here and  here.

Wearing: Lots of hats. Weird, I became a hat girl almost over night. I wore one once in Logandale a few weekends ago because I forgot my glasses and now I can't stop. Love 


Cleaning: Wow did I marry a great guy. I brag on him a lot but he really is so great. He will come home from work and change butts and do dishes with out hesitating. He is always helping me out around the house. 

Skipping: Out on sweets with me. We both gave them up on week days. Only a treat on Sundays and sometimes a Saturday (if we just can't help it) but we are always there keeping each other strong and helping each other reach our goals. 

Wearing: Geez Jayson does not care at all what he wears but somehow always looks freaking hott!! Love him... but not just because he is hott:)
Cleaning: His toys and doing a very good job. He is getting so big and helps so much around the house!

Planting: Big kisses on Dad, Ember and Myself. He is a lover thats for sure.

Skipping: Not on the ice cream. That kid loves his sweets....Its a wonder he is so skinny.

Wearing: Also a hat. I bought it to put in his Easter basket but I had to try it on him first....He wouldn't let me take it off ...He literally would shower and sleep with it on if I would let him.

Planning: On sitting up real soon. She is so close and wants to so bad but she is still a little wobbily. 

Planting: Some major droppings in her diapers/how does something so small have so much to spare....?

Wearing: Whatever I put her in. She is so precious in everything. She is my beauty.

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