Friday, June 3, 2011

green thumb wanna be...

                                       Jayson and  I really wanted to plant a garden this year!!
The house we are renting has two really good garden plots on the side,
so it made this adventure a lot more possible.
This is going to be our before picture!
hopefully when are garden is all full and beautiful I will post
after pictures:)

we could not have done it all with out dads help!

mom says she had thee best job of all...watchin baby ty


  1. wow lots of work! I hope it all comes in well :)

  2. Ahhh how fun!!! Im so jealous, I would love to garden like that! Maybe someday when Ryan finally finishes school we can do fun projects like that. Hope the hard work pays off!Its lookin good!

  3. How fun!! I've always wanted a vegetable/herb/flower garden, but we live in a teeny tiny little apartment in Southern California; instead of a nice big backyard, we only have a matching teeny tiny deck. Can't wait to see how your garden turns out!! ^_^ Thank you for the sweet comment left on my blog, by the way. It makes me smile to know that others enjoy my work. =] Keep us posted - can't wait to see little sprouts in the dirt. ^_-

  4. we planted a garden in provo and loved it. its so rewarding when your eating your own produce. good luck with it. your little guy sure is cute.

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