Wednesday, February 6, 2013

make it better

So I had a bit of a rough day yesterday.
To say the least this post is depressing. One of those very raw, very real...sit down and pour your heart out kind of posts.  

Thank you for so many sweet heart felt emails with similar experiences and words of encouragement. I love you all for your overwhelming kindness. My heart was sincerely touched by your response. 

Well after the kids went to bed I sat and thought of ways I could be a better mommy just a little at a time. I thought of  things I am great at and things I need some work at. For me there are a few key points that came to mind that I hope will prevent days like yesterday from reoccurring. This is just a little list of reminders to do through out the day to make it better.

Always say my morning prayer. 
By waking and realizing that today is a new day and a gift from God, by thanking him for every day I have on this earth and the out pour of blessings I recive is a great reminder and humbling way to start the day.

Sit down and eat breakfast as a family.
Sitting down and spending even ten minutes together as a family can really change the mood for the day. Talking about our day and things we may do or need to get done.

Get ready for the day.
Being dressed with makeup on and my hair not in a pony always puts me in an instant better mood.

Get some physical activity 
"Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don't shoot their husbands, they just don't!"

Disconnect from the computer.
I don't want my kids to see me always with my face in the computer, ipod or TV. I try really hard to do these activities at naptime or bedtime hours. I notice when working on the computer for longer than a half hour time period Ty becomes restless and demanding for my attention. He just want to play with me and be loved.
Get down and play.
Some of my fondest memories with Ty is when I am sitting on the floor and playing cars or building blocks with him. He loves to see me involved and interested in things he finds fun.

Don't be afraid to be silly. 
Very easy one for me. I am constantly laughing and teasing with Ty. It helps that he has such a goofy and teasing personality. His whole face lights up when I laugh at his goofy faces or silly things he says. 

Mess up the bed.
I catch myself getting so frustrated when I make the bed and Ty almost immediately hops up on top and starts jumping. Every once and a while I like to hop up and jump right along with him. Or pull the sheets over us and hide.

Go outside/ Get fresh air.
I think a large part of my melt down yesterday is a serious case of the winter blues/cabin fever. It has been so cold outside that I don't dare take the kids, especially Ember outside. There is always the option of a drive around the block or a tip for an ice cream cone. I can't wait for it to be warm enough to take the double stroller out and go for my DAILY walk with the kids. 

Spend one on one time.
Every kid needs it. Even my little 5 month old. She needs her share of undivided attention. Kids need to be reminded that they are special and important enough to drop everything for a few minutes for one on one time. 

Say I love you
I tell both kids all day everyday how much I love them. I don't want them to ever question it. I think that showing it and saying it are equally important.

Leave the dishes.
Every once in awhile let them sit for an hour or two longer. Don't miss out on special moment worrying about dishes or laundry. They will wait for you I promise! 

Have a bedtime routine. 
Read a book, sing a song, take a bath, brush your teeth, say a prayer. If its one or all, but try to be consistent with bed time. 

Rock your baby.
The times when I feel the most peace, the closest to my kids is while rocking them to sleep. With Ty I hold him and feel his body become more limp the deeper into sleep he becomes. I love singing to him and stroking his hair. With Ember I cradle her as she is wrapped up so tight. Watching her eyes as they get heavier and heavier tell she is finally asleep in my arms. This is the perfect way to end my day with my babies. The feeling of nurturing and mothering is so strong yet peaceful. 

Read my scriptures.
I truly believe all things can be answered through the scriptures. Even if the answers are not there right away I have felt the peace that it brings in my life and the power it has to bless you in every way of life.